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Expert! Tokyo Seimitsu

An introduction of ACCRETECH’s users who are experts at the frontier of global monozukuri in their respective fields ahead of other industry players. ACCRETECH will continue to value the bond we have with our customers and challenge ourselves to make further leaps forward.

Executive Interviews vol.05

KYB Corporation.

Founded as Kayaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1935, the company is a comprehensive hydraulic equipment manufacturer that provides products that make use of vibration and power control technologies that rely on hydraulic components. It is active in a wide range of fields including hydraulic components for construction machinery, shock absorbers for two- and four-wheeled vehicles, and suspension systems. It continues to provide products of uncompromising quality in Japan and all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and America.

Executive Interviews vol.04


Began operation in 1944 in Midorigaoka (current headquarters) in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture. Mainly produces bearing products and aluminum die-cast products to support the automotive industry. Practices vertically integrated production for a variety of products and leverages this approach, which fuses diverse manufacturing technologies (e.g. casting, precision processing, mounting, assembly, and conveyance) with advanced quality control technologies to swiftly respond not only to existing product needs but also to the launch of new products.

Executive Interviews vol.03

Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.

In 1926, the company was founded by Kakusaburo Okamoto as Okamoto Senyo Kosakukikai Seisakusho (Special-purpose Machine Tool Manufacturer). In 1935, the company's name and structure changed to form the present-day Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd., and it has been active on the global stage, including the development of Japan's first surface grinder and the world's first CNC surface and form grinder. Okamoto Machine Tool Works is the world's only comprehensive abrasive processing machine manufacturer with a wide range of businesses including grinders, semiconductor-related equipment, gears, castings, etc.

Executive Interviews vol.02

Nabtesco Corporation

Nabtesco Corporation is a holding company founded in 2003 by Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. and NABCO Ltd. following the formation of their business partnership in the hydraulic equipment business. With a primary focus on motion control technology, Nabtesco is a manufacturer with the world's top market share and top domestic market share in a wide range of business fields related to air, land, and sea.

Executive Interviews vol.01

Nagase Integrex Co.,Ltd

Founded by Noboru Nagase in 1950 as a machinist with one lathe. After surviving many eras, Nagase Integrex grew into the world’s leading manufacturer of grinders capable of super surface/super mirror processing, large super-precision grinders, ultra-precision double column type multi surface grinding machines, and nanomachines. Nagase Integrex constantly pursues creation of machines that are the best in the world on accuracy and efficiency.

Interviews vol.10

Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd.

We interviewed Teijin Nakashima Medical, a company that develops, manufactures, and sells medical devices such as artificial joints, bone joint materials, and spines, on why they decided to introduce ACCRETECH measuring instruments and what their impressions are.

Interviews vol.09


TANIDA is a casting and machining specialist for light metals and a manufacturer of transport equipment engine parts, semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, and robot parts. We asked them to give us an overview of their business and what they value in their monozukuri.

Interviews vol.08

Koganei Seiki Co., Ltd.

We interviewed Koganei Seiki, a company which continues to produce the world’s highest-class products driven by their professionals, facilities, and shared knowledge, on their relationship with ACCRETECH and the trust between the two companies.

Interviews vol.07

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is active in a broad variety of business fields and offers a range of innovative products. We spoke to them about how they came to use ACCRETECH products and their impressions thereof.

Interviews vol.06


We asked Tadaseiki Group, which designs and manufactures molds and dies, the reasons behind their decision to introduce ACCRETECH’s products and their commitment to monozukuri.

Interviews vol.05


ASANUMA GIKEN manufactures prototypes of industrial machinery parts and fabricates gauges for verification of CMMs. We talked to them about their secret behind personnel training and their unwavering stance of constantly improving accuracy.

Interviews vol.04

Oita Prefecture Industry and Science Technology Center

As a technical support organization, Oita Industrial Research Institute (OIRI) comprehensively supports monozukuri activities of companies in Oita prefecture. We spoke to OIRI about why they began using ACCRETECH products and their impressions thereof.

Interviews vol.03


The Research Institute for Applied Sciences (RIAS) possesses sophisticated development strength, exemplified by the fact it was the first in Japan to develop induction hardening of steel. We spoke to RIAS about why they began using ACCRETECH products and their impressions thereof.

Interviews vol.02

Crystal Optics Inc.

Crystal Optics Inc. pursues integrated production in ultra-precision polishing, catering to everything from polishing of optical crystal, to the aircraft industry. As a customer of ACCRETECH products supporting high-accuracy product manufacturing, we spoke to Crystal Optics about their impressions and requests relating to our products.

Interviews vol.01


A general manufacturer and seller of cold forge tooling performing integrated production from steel material cutting to coating. As a customer of ACCRETECH products supporting high-accuracy die manufacturing, we spoke to Mitsutoyo about their impressions and requests relating to our products.

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