Enables High-speed, High-precision Measurements

An Optical Shaft Measuring System
that Plays an Active Role in Production Sites

Introducing Shaftcom

An optical shaft measuring system that can be installed in production sites to achieve high-speed, high-precision measurements. Shaftcom evaluates the dimensional and geometric tolerance of shaft-shaped workpieces at high-speed using a non-contact method.

Product Summary

Measurement solutions provided by "OPTICLINE" from JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH ("JENOPTIK") offer a wide range of evaluation options and many application areas concerning the measurement of shaft-shaped workpieces. Innovative and pioneering, this shaft measuring system has impressed a wide range of users around the world for over 25 years. Now, JENOPTIK and ACCRETECH have partnered on the sales and maintenance services of the OPTICLINE shaft measuring system in Japan, adding it to ACCRETECH's product lineup to be sold under the Shaftcom brand name.
JENOPTIK and ACCRETECH are global specialists in optimizing manufacturing processes and precision measurement. With years of experience and knowhow in the fields of industrial measurement technology, optical measurement, and flexible robotic automation, we develop custom measurement solutions for customers in automotive, aerospace, healthcare and other manufacturing industries.

TOP Message

Words from the Management

Otto Boucky, Managing Director JENOPTIK

Since many years optical shaft measuring machines are an effective complement for coordinate measuring machines. The narrow application for rotational parts or shafts is easily made up by its unprecedented ease of use and speed. Without the need for lengthy and complex part programming, the operator can simply put the workpiece into the machine, run an optical scan and select the desired features to be inspected. All of that in a real production environment. This makes optical metrology the perfect solution for inspecting turned parts as initial samples or directly on the machine in the shop after a tool change. For 100% inspection, we have automated or even integrated solutions available.

Since the beginning of 2022, Jenoptik and Accretch have been working closely together in a partnership to offer the Japanese market the complete product portfolio of optical shaft metrology, the Shaftcom product line.

"Jenoptik's 20+ years' experience about this technology combined with Accretech's experience in CMM and the know-how of Japanese Industries requirements combined with well-established service and support structures will guarantee a successful launch of this collaboration. With long years of application know how, Accretech is capable to complement their outstanding portfolio of CMM and offer a comprehensive suite of metrology solutions to Japanese customers. Local capabilities of Accretech ensure that not only standard systems but also customized solutions in an automated environment are available to the Japanese market. With this collaboration, two strong names in metrology, Accretech and Jenoptik, join forces to provide the best solutions to their Japanese customers. I look forward to renewing my longtime relationsship with Accretech and be part of this exciting collaboration."

Otto Boucky, Managing Director JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH

Shuichi Tsukada, Head of Metrology Company at ACCRETECH.

Hello. I'm Shuichi Tsukada, Head of Metrology Company at ACCRETECH. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your ongoing support. JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH (hereinafter JENOPTIK), a global manufacturer of optical equipment, has partnered with ACCRETECH on the sales and maintenance services of shaft measuring machines in Japan. ACCRETECH has newly added these machines to its product lineup to be sold under the Shaftcom brand name.

We are honored to offer new possibilities for our customers' manufacturing by exclusively providing Japan with JENOPTIK's world-leading optical measurement technology.

Shaftcom is an optical shaft measuring machine specifically for measuring rotating machine elements. High-speed measurement and high resolution are achieved with a line scan camera and an 8000 pixel image sensor.

We are now able to propose more optimal solutions to our customers with this new product portfolio, in conjunction with ACCRETECH's experience and measurement technology in multiple fields such as linking highly flexible robots with measuring machines to enable automation or the industrial measurement technology ACCRETECH has cultivated since its founding in 1949. In addition, we will use the service and support knowhow we have refined over the years as a measuring machine manufacturer to provide an environment where customers can always use Shaftcom with peace of mind.

With the desire to support customer manufacturing, ACCRETECH will continue to work alongside JENOPTIK, a like-minded company, to create even more added value for Japan's manufacturing industry.

Shuichi Tsukada, Director, Head of Metrology Company

Tokyo Seimitsu Co., LTD

Optical Shaft Measuring System Shaftcom - EYE

The Developers' Perspectives

In autumn 2021, ACCRETECH entered into an agreement to be the exclusive distributor of the German company JENOPTIK's optical shaft measuring machines and commenced sales in February 2022. We spoke with the ACCRETECH members who worked to make the contract happen and are currently providing sales and technical support in the Japanese market, and asked them about the lead-up to the arrangement and future prospects.

Yoichi Togawa

General Manager, Group-Leader coordinate measuring Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

Ryo Takanashi

Sub-Leader coordinate measuring Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

Ryota Ichitsuka

coordinate measuring Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

Yoshiki Kobayakawa

coordinate measuring Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

-Please tell us how you came to enter into this exclusive agreement.

Kobayakawa:Shaftcom is an optical shaft measuring system specialized in measuring shafts and other rotating machine elements that can evaluate the dimensional and geometric tolerance of workpieces with high speed and precision. Although it adopts a non-contact optical measurement method, optional contact probes are also available so that customers can measure hidden areas that are not readily visible.

Togawa:About 60-70% of our customers are manufacturers of auto-related parts and their suppliers, and CMM contact probes are primarily used for measuring the accuracy of rotating machine elements such as crankshafts. Non-contact optical shaft measuring machines can measure at a faster speed, but are primarily made by overseas manufacturers and usually had to be purchased through trading companies. This meant customers hesitated to use these machines because overseas products purchased in this way couldn't receive maintenance and support in a timely manner. Many of these customers expressed hopes that ACCRETECH would launch an optical shaft measuring machine. As such, we have received so many inquiries at the same time as the release.

-Shaftcom boasts a high market share in Europe and the United States, doesn't it?

Togawa:The market size of optical shaft measuring machines is about 8 billion yen worldwide, and Shaftcom boasts the highest sales in Europe and the United States, accounting for a market share of about 35%. In Japan however, the market penetration of optical shaft measuring machines is still about 2%. With no direct support from the equipment manufacturer, customers who use overseas products find it hard to trust the resulting measurements and often measure again with a contact type for confirmation.

Takanash:As a measuring instrument manufacturer, we pride ourselves on having knowhow in measuring technology, service and support that we have cultivated since our founding. Shaftcom is sure to give our customers peace of mind as we provide both support during installation and regular technical support. If ACCRETECH can expand the current 2% demand, JENOPTIK will gain a significant share in Japan.

-What are the defining characteristics of Shaftcom?

Togawa:The Shaftcom lineup includes a wide range of products that not only cater to workpieces of various sizes, but also provide automation support for incorporation into production lines. The software is also very easy to use and easy to operate. Two-dimensional manual measurements can take 10 or 20 minutes per workpiece, but optical measurement takes mere seconds. All of these benefits can be incorporated into the production line, enabling in-process measurement. This is groundbreaking.

Takanashi:In most cases with the conventional method, products were taken at random for inspection at the end, so the yield rate would drop significantly if a defective product was found. However, using a Shaftcom machine in-process makes it possible to avoid defective products being sent downstream. Shaftcom products can also be used in places where people cannot touch, such as places that tend to get oily, and continue operating at times when there are no people working. This is advantageous as speed and efficiency are of utmost importance to production plants.

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Bringing innovative products to more customers

Shaftcom, the optical shaft measuring system with #1 market shares in Europe and the United States We will leverage ACCRETECH's years of experience and knowhow in measurement technology to meet customer demand for innovative overseas products with the consistency we are known for.

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