A new product created by applying the base technology of RONDCOM CREST, a roundness and cylindrical measuring instrument with the world's highest level of accuracy. An ultra-thin probe enables non-contact measurement of ultra-small holes down to 0.15 mm.

Product Summary

Ultra-high Accuracy Roundness/Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instrument

Ultra-high precision at the world's highest level, realized by a newly developed drive and guide systemPatent pending

RONDCOM CREST is equipped with a newly-developed mechanism that consolidates all the tradition and technology of ACCRETECH on the column Z axis and the drive unit R axis. The drive system adopts a new method that combines the non-contact and low vibration linear motor drive technology that has earned a strong reputation among customers over the years in our surface roughness and contour measuring machines with a newly developed original Alignment mechanism. In addition, the guide system inherits the non-contact support technology using air bearings cultivated for years in CMMs then applied to the RONDCOM 60 series, in a newly developed mechanism that upgrades the air bearings to meet the low vibration specifications dedicated to RONDCOM CREST. Combining these drive and guide methods significantly improve rotation accuracy, alignment accuracy and straightness of each axis, realizing world-class ultra-high accuracy suited for a reference machine. In addition, since both the drive and guide systems have a non-contact structure, there is no wear on the guide section, maintaining stable high accuracy over a long period of time. ACCRETECH presents RONDCOM CREST FiANA, a new measuring instrument created by equipping an ultra-thin probe on RONDCOM CREST, which boasts one of the highest accuracies in the world. FiANA enables non-contact measurement inside ultra-small holes down to 0.14 mm.

check_boxWorkpiece observation camera system
check_boxNon-contact probe
check_boxWorkpiece alignment camera system
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Equipped with an automatic probe insertion system

RONDCOM CREST is equipped with an automatic probe insertion system (patent pending), making measurement easy for anyone.

No need for cross-cuts

There is no need to prepare cross-cuts. Measurement can be started right away.

bundant information with scanning measurement

A switch from Single point measurement to scanning measurement offers an abundance of information from point clouds, enabling detailed analysis.

Specifications & Features

A non-contact sensor performs automatic measurements of ultra-small hole Inner wall surfaces
Automatic probe insertion system
Automatic probe insertion system (details)
No need for cross-cuts
A switch from single point measurement to scanning measurement offers an abundance of Information from point clouds, enabling detailed analysis.
Measurement example: Hole with 0.2 mm diameter and 0.8 mm depth


The Developers' Perspectives

RONDCOMCREST FiANA is a new 2021 model applying the base technology of the ultra-high accuracy RONDCOM CREST (released 2019), customized to perform internal measurements of extremely small holes with diameters down to 0.15 mm. We talked to the development team that oversaw this one-of-a-kind product development about key development points and future outlooks.

Hideki Morii

Sub-Leader Surface & Form Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

Hiroaki Kimura

Supervisor Surface & Form Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

Katsufumi Moriyama

Surface & Form Group, Engineering Division
Metrology Company

ーPlease tell us the features of the new model.

Moriyama:The new model adds new features to the existing RONDCOM CREST, an instrument that measures roundness and cylindrical profiles at the world's highest level. RONDCOM CREST measures most kinds of axes and holes such as those in mechanical components. It uses a contact-type probe to check components such as bearings for accurate roundness, or holes to ensure they are not distorted or tilted internally even if their entrance is perfectly circular. The new FiANA adopts a non-contact probe that is extremely thin for measurement, making it possible to illuminate the interior face of extremely small holes with light and read the reflected data.
The ultimate level of positioning accuracy offered by RONDCOM CREST was the key element of the new model's development. This is because FiANA allows a 0.08 mm, ultra-fine probe the size of a strand of hair to be inserted in holes as small as 0.15 mm in diameter, which means measurement is not possible if the insertion position is displaced by even 0.02 mm.

ーPlease tell us the motivation behind this development.

Moriyama:A manufacturer of automobile engine parts approached us, seeking a way to ensure perfect roundness of tiny holes in a particular component in order to increase fuel efficiency. No method to measure internal details of such tiny holes existed until now, and I think the customer previously checked only what was visible through magnification or actually cut the workpiece to measure it with a contact-type measuring instrument.

ーWhat other fields do you think need this technology?

Kimura:There are many companies out there that excel at making tiny holes. However, there are hardly any that can accurately measure the internal precision of such holes. It's safe to say that such measurement isn't possible without FiANA. I don't think people even considered the possibility of measuring such small holes before, and they were resigned to the idea that it wasn't an option. It would be great to be able to find customers with such needs.

Morii:I'm sure there's a broad market out there, such as for medical devices, fiber optic communication, and semiconductors. Creating and measuring are two critical aspects of monozukuri (manufacturing). Repeating this cycle of creating and measuring can improve product performance and ultimately lead to breakthroughs. It would be a shame if innovation wasn't happening just because people gave up on making something because they assumed they didn't have a means of measuring it. I hope we can use ACCRETECH's technology to offer people like that a way to move forward.

Moriyama:In the future, I hope we can find a way to measure diameter as well.

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Making Measurement that Seems Impossible Possible

R-CREST/FIONEC enables measurement of ultra-small holes that no one managed to accomplish until now. ACCRETECH will continue to take on new challenges in order to eliminate situations where manufacturing sites assume that they can't make something because there's no way to measure it.

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