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NEV Battery Test

Testing Solutions for Secondary Batteries of Electric Vehicles

Secondary batteries, mainly lithium ion batteries, will greatly affect the range and other performance aspects of electric vehicles (EVs), which will support an environmental-oriented society in the future. In order to contribute to the development and production of rechargeable batteries, ACCRETECH not only provides various charge-discharge testing equipment but also an evaluation service that caters to electrical tests from cell batteries to battery packs, such as R&D and quality inspection.

Electrical Tests for Secondary Batteries and Battery Modules Comprising Multiple Cells

This is a regenerative automatic test device capable of automatic charging/discharging, and measurement of current, voltage, temperature and impedance for the secondary batteries used in HVs, PHVs, EVs, mobile devices, etc., the high-voltage battery modules up to 150 V combining such secondary batteries, and high-performance energy devices such as capacitors. This device can be used not only for the R&D of batteries but also a wide-range of applications including quality inspection for mass production. Featuring merits such as a high measurement accuracy (±0.05%), 1 msec charging/discharging response, and a compact and light footprint, this device can be used for applications suited to customers’ specifications.

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Evaluation Tests for On-vehicle Battery Packs

Batteries are ultimately equipped on HVs, PHVs, and EVs in the form of so-called battery packs, which are battery systems comprising multiple modules and an ECU (electronic control unit). When testing such battery packs, it is important to simulate a wide-range of vehicle driving situations presumed to arise in actual driving. This device answers such needs by allowing customers to perform various simulation-based evaluations in conditions closely resembling actual environments and driving situations. This device features high measurement accuracy (±0.1%), a power zoom function capable of continuous charging/discharging at 1.5 times rated current and within two-thirds of the rated voltage, and a peak current output function enabling charging/discharging of 1.5 times rated current for one minute. It is also capable of charging/discharging up to 1350 V in order to support a wide range of battery packs.

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Secondary Battery Evaluation Service

Amidst the implementation of ZEV and NEV mandates, EVs are forecasted to become explosively popular on a global level, and accordingly, production of lithium-ion batteries and other secondary batteries are expected to grow dramatically. It is predicted that this will in turn lead to accelerated R&D activity aimed at improving battery performance and safety. Our battery evaluation service flexibly supports all phases from production to development for customers with such needs. We swiftly respond to customers’ diverse needs, including equipment investment, shorter lead-time, evaluation equipment shortages, evaluation outsourcing, etc. Our service team members have many years of experience in battery development, enabling them to present added-value proposals to customers. As a manufacturer of charging/discharging devices, we support all forms of batteries, including cells, modules, and packs.

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