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"No measurement,no manufacturing" ACCRETECH leverages ouroutstanding technologies to launchnumerous products into the world and tap intonew monozukuri potential.


Achieving High speed and high accuracy measurement.Optical shaft measuring system that can be automated on the shop floor.

An optical shaft measuring system that can be installed in production sites to achieve high-speed, high-precision measurements. Shaftcom evaluates the dimensional and geometric tolerance of shaft-shaped workpieces at high-speed using a non-contact method.

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Development of “Opt-Blisk”–A Non-contact Blisk Measurement Special-Purpose Machine

The expanding global aircraft market demands authentication and certification based on international standards, as well as stringent quality control of components. In recent years, measuring technology cultivated by ACCRETECH has supported everything from the development to the production of aircraft components, including engine components, which are improving in performance.

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Smooth, accurate measurement of the profile and surface texture of inner wall surfaces for ultra-small holes as small as φ0.14 mm

RONDCOM CREST FiANA is ACCRETECH’s innovative automatic measurement system for inner wall surfaces of ultra-small holes. It is based on RONDCOM CREST, an ultra-high accuracy roundness/cylindrical profile measuring instrument, with the additional features of an ultra-thin non-contact probe and an automatic probe insertion system.

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Opt-scope Rex

3D white light interference microscopy for nano-level
surface profile measurement of large workpieces

High Resolution. High Speed. Wide Range. ACCRETECH’s Opt-scope Series can swiftly evaluate 2D/3D surface roughness, defects, and micro-profiles with high accuracy. Now, a new model accommodating large and heavy workpieces has been added to the lineup.

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Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments Helping to Accelerate Labor Saving
The latest generation of RONDCOM NEX is even more hassle-free

With a rich lineup, myriad of functions, and excellent labor-saving options, this state-of-the-art measuring instrument offers hassle-free measurement of any workpiece.

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Measuring a wide variety of workpieces in varying temperature environments in a short period of time

Complete measurement of surface texture and contour in one machine
Surface texture and contour measuring equipment with high efficiency, versatility, and high reliability

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Entering the world of optical metrology ZEISS O-DETECT

ZEISS O-DETECT is the most recent addition to the ZEISS Optical Series. Featuring many unique functions, O-DETECT instantly and accurately captures components that cannot be touched.

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Prepared for all challenges - today and tomorrow - A high-accuracy, high-performance CNC CMM

ZEISS CONTURA is a high-performance CMM by Carl Zeiss offering absolute diversity and flexibility. Equipped with ZEISS' multi application sensor system (mass) technology, it supports all kinds of applications while swiftly and easily switching between various sensor technologies as a multi-tool instantly adapting to customers’ ever-changing requests.

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ZEISS Accessories

A little ingenuity in regular measurement. CMM accessories transforming measurement work.

How about adding something different to your regular measurement work? A wide variety of accessories may make the measurement process more enjoyable.

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SBS Balance System

We will introduce systems that meet a variety of needs, such as stabilizing the grinding accuracy required for grinders and shortening cycle time.

Automatic grinding wheel balancer system and Machining monitoring AE sensor system that can monitor and control grinders in real time.

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Joystick-type CMM for high precision and high functionality

Why not experience the accuracy and operability that can’t be obtained with a manual machine? XYZAX mju NEX J is a CMM achieving high precision and high functionality by simple operation using a joystick.

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Software that imports measurement results from various measuring machines to output inspection reports

Inspection report creation program, TESCHART Plus, is a software that imports measurement results and produces inspection reports. TESCHART Plus's extended option, TES-PORT, allows the user to collect and centrally manage measurement results obtained not only with various measuring machines used in the field but also measurement results taken using small tools.

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Currently the most advanced X-ray CT

Faster, reliable measurement results with higher image quality.
Further evolution of X-ray CT enables advanced quality control.

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