Throughout its history, ACCRETECH has refined and evolved measuring technologyto support monozukuri around the world. Our mission is to continue growing alongside our customers and help realize the world’s ultimate monozukuri.


Hitoshi Yoshida, Chairman and CEO.

Hello. I’m Hitoshi Yoshida, Chairman and CEO of ACCRETECH.
We are sincerely grateful to you all for your ongoing support.
In today’s world, society, industry, and our lifestyles are changing dramatically with the advancement of information technologies. Amidst such change, ACCRETECH has launched a new website, Meets ACCRETECH, as a meeting place that connects us with customers. When the future our customers desire meets the measuring technology cultivated by ACCRETECH, new potential for monozukuri is born. ACCRETECH remains firmly committed to supporting our customers’ monozukuri by providing products helping customers obtain their desired future.

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Shuichi Tsukada, Director Head of Metrology Company.

Hello. I’m Shuichi Tsukada, Director Head of Metrology Company.
I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your ongoing support.
Accretech is currently undertaking a challenge to reform its entire business processes; encompassing everything from production divisions to sales divisions.
To date, we have promoted various monozukuri innovations with a focus on our new MI building, which has increased production capacity by 1.5 times.
Moreover, moving forward, we will further advance and accelerate our business by establishing a new business model combining real and virtual elements. In addition to the webinars we've offered to date, we will also conduct face-to-face sales activities such as technical discussions and factory client inspection via the internet in order to broaden our communication scope with customers through an integrated manufacturing and sales system.

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