Climate Change

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group considers climate change not only as the cause of major risks for society such as temperature rises, extreme natural disasters, but also as a significant threat to our business. On the other hand, we think that addressing climate change issues can make our company stronger and our products more competitive, offering opportunities to expand our business.

We take necessary actions proactively by analyzing the risks and opportunities that climate change may present to our business and disclose climate change-related information within the framework created by the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures).

In the context of this effort, we launched a project to address TCFD recommendations in August 2021. Also, in November 2021, we established a Sustainability Committee, chaired by the President and CEO. Its main activities are to continue with the project to address TCFD recommendations.

We will put together information such as risks and opportunities for our business, strategy, and finance, risk management status, related indicators and goals, based on the outcomes of this activity and disclose this information by March 2022.

Toward the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Most of the GHG emissions from Tokyo Seimitsu are carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent of electricity purchased to operate our plants. To minimize the impact on climate change, we are focusing on power saving.

●Tokyo Seimitsu's CO2 emissions

Previous five-year plan New five-year plan
Emissions (t-CO2) 12,176 12,311 12,312 11,976 9,524 8,240
Electric power used (kwh) 24,197 25,163 25,765 25,448 28,843 29,500
COemissions equivalent (t-CO2/million yen) 0.204 0.181 0.160 0.191 0.129 -

Tokyo Seimitsu plans to create medium- and long-term GHG reduction policies through the project to address TCFD recommendations and disclose those policies.