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Corporate Philosophy

Gaging the future with Metrology, Creating the future with Semiconductors.



Corporate Brand


A fusion of "Accrete" and "Technology," signifying
"Grow Together" .

Sustainability Slogan

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group is always committed
to building a “future full of dreams.”

Our Group corporate philosophy is “We create the world’s No. 1 products and grow together to a higher level by integrating excellent technology, wisdom, and information from around the world.” We actively form partnerships with companies and human resources with whom we share this purpose, and are working to realize breakthrough new product developments at the nanotechnology level.

To succeed in these collaborations, we foster a global and hybrid corporate cultural environment for Tokyo Seimitsu (ACCRETECH) that encompasses diverse cultures under the motto “WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS CREATE THE WORLD’S NO. 1 PRODUCTS.” Leveraging our technology orientation, we are building the world’s No. 1 product development system.

Our corporate brand,“ ACCRETECH,” was introduced in 2001. It is a compound word formed from“ Accrete” and“ Technology,” signifying “Grow Together” and expressing our corporate philosophy.

Drawing on this philosophy, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group has provided manufacturers around the world with precision measuring instruments that fully leverage our cutting-edge precision measuring technologies and our semiconductor manufacturing equipment that makes use of our precision positioning technology.

Taking the idea “No measurement, no manufacturing” (Nothing can be created without means of measurement.) as the origin for manufacturing, we will continue diligently striving to provide valuable technologies and services that are friendly to global society and to the global environment. We will continue working alongside our stakeholders to build a “future full of dreams.”

The History of Tokyo Seimitsu

The History of Tokyo Seimitsu

Tokyo Seimitsu Business Overview

Tokyo Seimitsu Business Overview