High Rigid Grinder: HRG300/HRG300A

HRG300 allows the processing of individual wafers with larger diameters (300 mm) and the processing of the batch grinding of wafers with smaller diameters that is attached to the support substrates


  • The structure with the little mechanical transformation against the workload of grinding is realized by placing the processing position on the center positon of the slide guides placed in a triangle form and the infeed shaft on the processing position
  • Due to the high-rigidity, it enables the processing with shorter amount of time while reducing the grinding damage
  • Due to the high-rigidity, it enables the processing of the appropriate self-sharpening.  It prolongs the life of the grindstone
  • It is equipped with the in-process gauge that is batch processing-compliant, and performs the processing while measuring the wafer thickness in the batch processing
  • It detects the clogging of the grindstone and performs the dressing as necessary

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