Terrace Shape and Trimming

Trimming Process to Avoid Knife Edge and Damage Removal

Terrace Shape and Trimming
Wafer Size: Φ100mm~Φ300mm
Thickness: 400μm~1500μm


The demand of SAW device for communication, used for MEMS for automotive and 4G/5G smartphones, is increasing recently. In the wafer bonding process that is needed for manufacturing those devices, dust and crack from the edge are the problems in the thinning process after bonding. The terrace grinding process is a countermeasure for those.

Our edge trimming process is capable with various materials such as LiNBO3/Si, sapphire/Si, quartz/Si, LiTaO3/Si, LiTaO3/sapphire, LiTaO3/quartz, and SOI.

It can grind with specific angle.
・Terrace Grinding ・Trimming ・Bonded Wafer

Example of Knife Edge without Edge Grinding

Wafer edge chipping decreases the wafer strength and causes wafer breaking.

Knife Edge

Example of Terrace Grinding

It solves the problem in the thinning process of bonded wafer.

*It can grind with specific angle by changing the tool (grinding wheel).
*The grinding height and width can be adjusted to the specified amount.

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