Edge Grinding of LT, LN and Compound Materials Wafer

High Quality Grinding for Compound Materials that are Easy to Cleave

Edge Grinding of LT, LN and
Wafer Size:
2 inch~6 inch OF/IF
6 inch~8 inch Notch
(Notch grinding from temporally OF is possible)


LiTaO3 (Lithium Tantalate) and LiNbO3 (Lithium Niobate) are the materials used for SAW filter, that is used for communication devices. As the smart phones change to multi-band that is capable with multiple frequency bands, LT/LN materials are getting more attention.

As the LT/LN wafers are easy to cleave, they’re difficult to grind.

With the high accuracy / high rigidity grinding system, our edge grinder can grind with less chipping.

It is capable with other compound materials. As there’re some exceptions, please ask us.

High Quality Grinding of Compound Materials Wafer

Example of Notch Grinding

Notch Shape
Notch Shape
Edge Shape
Edge Shape

The notch depth, angle and corner radius (R) are measured, and the stable shaping accuracy is achieved by the automatic correction.

actual screen

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