Measurement of Contour, Roughness, Flat Straightness and Roundness

Non-contact or Contact Type Measurement depending on the Wafer Characteristics



With the measuring machines and sensors developed by our sensor division, the evaluation of various work pieces is possible, and we’re getting the customer’s trust.
We firmly believe that we can contribute to your development and production.

  • Surface Texture and Contour Measuring Machine / SURFCOM (ACCRETECH)
    Measure the contour and roughness of wafer after grinding.
  • Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Machine / RONDCOM (ACCRETECH)
    Measure the roundness of wafer.
  • Non-contact 3D Coordinate Optical Measuring Machine / Opt-scope (ACCRETECH)
    Depending on the wafer material, we use a non-contact roughness measuring machine.
    It can measure smaller roughness that cannot be measured with contact type.
  • OD, Notch Chamfer Width and Notch Shape Measuring
  • Roughness Measuring of Ground Surface

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