Dicing Machines

Dicing machine cut wafers into individual semiconductor chips with blades. ACCRETECH Laser dicing machines use lasers instead of blades to dicewafers at high speed in a completely dry process.

  • 12-inchi Fully Automatic Dicing Machine
    Tokyo Seimitsu Dicing Machine realizes the remarkable “CoO (Cost of Ownership)” by the world smallest footprint, high throughput, and high processing quality reinforced by the collaboration of the up-to-date technology
  • 12-inchi Fully Automatic Dicing Machine
    Automatic switchover between wafer handling and frame handling contributes to reduction of switchover risk and downtime
  • 8-inchi Fully Automatic Dicing Machine
    Achieved smallest footprint possible utilizing our own core technology
  • 8-inchi Semi-Automatic Dicing Machine
    Revolutionary axis design orientation creates the smallest twin spindle Dicing Saw
  • 6-inchi Semi-Automatic Dicing Machine
    Improved operability with the 17-inch touch panel screen
    The image-processing engine accommodates variety of work
  • 8-inchi Semi-Automatic Dicing Machine
    Small footprint with highly stable structure
    Compliant with the large work
  • 12-inchi Semi-Automatic Dicing Machine
    Small footprint with highly stable structure
    Compliant with varieties of work
  • Now, with two independent stages, cutting and positioning can proceed in parallel. The result - a maximum dicing speed up to twice that previously possible! New connected handlers, shorten coordination time - bringing increased operation efficiency and substantial savings in processing time
  • 12-inch laser dicing machine with wafer handling system and visible light microscope.

    Production and sales of ML300 series ​was finished.
  • Stand-alone wafer cleaning unit, A-CS-300 provides best solution for cleaning and drying the wafer cut by semi-automatic dicing saws. Air accelerated water nozzle and horizontal swing arm achieves excellent cleaning quality
  • Achieves both high quality processing and high throughput with a unique laser engine mechanism

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