ChaMP: Compact CMP System

Compact CMP systems with high performance CMP technology built up in volume-production line of semiconductor device.


  • Reasonable initial cost
  • Small footprint
  • High-performance CMP → Know-how from mass production
  • Flexible Customization up to user’s requirement → From R&D, trial production to mass production
  • 2”~8” polishing head available, multiple size of wafers are polishable in one system.
  • Mounting of wafer loader enables full-automatic operation
  • Mounting of cleaning unit enables precise cleaning

Air-float Head "Sylphide"

  • Air film formation provides very uniform pressure distribution in the wafer plane
  • Possession of an airbag independent of an air film provides low-pressure stability
  • An independent retainer pressure airbag provides excellent edge profile control
  • One-touch replacement of retainer/membrane reduces downtime (see below)
  • Addition of zone control function is available (optional)

Optical End-Point Detection System

Uses white light source and accurately detects residual film changes with reflection data of wide wavelength range and special algorithm.



Provides a wide range of applications

Various optional functions for mass production are available

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