Superior Operability & Automation from Measurements to Inspection Report Creation.


AI Function Simplifies Measurements

  • The unit automatically selects the measuring conditions without setting them in advance (roughness measurement).
  • A lesson mode is available to teach the user the operation procedures. This is a reflection of ACCRETECH's commitment to create measuring instruments that anyone can use.

Automation Enhances Measurement Efficiency

Automation Enhances Measurement Efficiency

The teaching function can be used to automate a series of operations, from measurement at multiple locations to generation of an inspection report by pasting the data.

Evaluation Functions Dramatically Strengthened

Reflecting customer requests for more evaluation functions, this unit includes standards for film thickness measurement (step/area), wear volume calculation (superimposed profile area) and LCD glass substrate (special waviness).

Complies with World Standards

  • This model complies with the latest ISO, JIS, DIN, ASME, CNOMO and other standards, and has cleared the requirements for the European safety standard CE marking.
  • It supports operation using Japanese, Chinese, Korean English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Freedom to Re-Analyze

Re-analysis can be performed easily after changing the measurement standard (linear, first half, latter half, round surface, both end), configuring the evaluation range, and removing defective data from a notch.

Outstanding Expandability

The unit can be easily and efficiently upgraded to meet evolving needs. This includes upgrading from two-dimensional to three-dimensional roughness, or adding profile capability.

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