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ACCTee Measurement & Analysis Software

ACCTee is contour profile measurement and analysis software with enhanced operability. Provided with wizard modes for easier operation, as well as a variety of support functions such as "AI function", "self-diagnosis function" and "peak and valley detection function", ACCTee makes all measurement tasks easier and more efficient.

Dimension line display function
Dimension line display function
Peak and Valley function (ACCTee)
Peak and Valley function (ACCTee)
Print data sheet
Print data sheet

Auto Element Recognition (AI Function)

This function automatically determines the type of element (point, line, circle).

Dimension Display Function

The actual measured values for parameters and geometric deviation can be displayed on the diagram.

Profile Synthesis Function

The limitations on the analysis range due to the angle of the stylus are addressed with the synthesis function.

Peak and Valley Function

This function enables the maximum workpiece point to be detected by tracing with the stylus, simplifying alignment.

Calculation Point Repeat Function

Overall workpiece analysis can be executed after completing only one pattern analysis for workpieces where certain shapes are repeated.

Host of Contour Evaluation Functions

A wide range of evaluation functions is provided. Standard functions include a measured data (point data)/design value deviation collation function, design value generation function, best fit function and IGES/DXF conversion function to facilitate communication with CAD systems.

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