XYANA smart®

Innovative software to conduct measurement in a more intuitive, easier, and simpler way


Intuitive UI supporting both touch input and key-in

Items such as functions, conditions, and measurement results are shown in large size for easy-to-see and easy-to-touch operation. Preparation, measurement and evaluation can be performed as a flow with simple procedures and unified operation from top to bottom and from left to right.
Both touch and keyboard input can be performed quickly and efficiently by using shortcut keys and codes assigned to items.

No hesitation in operation shortens the duration of preparation and measurement

  • AI function for automatic geometric feature judgement
    This function automatically judges geometric features (points, lines, circles, spheres, planes, cylinders, cones, etc.)
    while conducting measurement by considering the number of measurement points, directions, etc.
    Measurement can be performed efficiently without specifying a geometric feature before each measurement.
  • Coordinate system assist/automatic setting functions to make coordinate system setting easier
    While coordinate system assist function supports inexperienced operators in coordinate system setting,
    automatic coordinate system setting function helps experienced operators who can estimate probing points
    needed for coordinate system setting and makes setting work more efficient.
  • Voice guidance function for effi cient and safe measurement
  • User code function allowing the operator to register preparation, measurement, and evaluation procedures freely
    Up to 100 XYANA smart® function procedures can be registered as user codes. Functions are automatically performed according to the set procedure by calling a user code. Efficient measurement can be performed without searching the function to be executed or manually switching the screen.
  • Automatic inner hole diameter measurement function to upgrade a joystick machine to a semi-CNC machine
    Unique auto probing function equipped in the joystick machine XYZAX mju NEX J can be further upgraded.
    This is a joystick machine, but it can perform automatic probing of 4 points along the hole inner diameter by simply pressing a button, making measurement simpler and more effi cient.

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