From measurement to result output, inspection by using small tool with No getting lost! No mistake! Good efficiency!


Automatic measurement result input! Improving inspection efficiency and preventing input error!

Automatic import of measurement value with a button or one switch on the small tool side by combining with a digital small tool which is connected with PC by wireless/wire.No need for the troublesome hand writing or manual input of the measurement value.
In addition to improve inspection effi ciency, it enables prevention of recording mistake due to input error.

Interactive guidance enables to use without getting lost and mistake even for beginners.

By making guidance previously (set the nominal value, tolerance, image and message for each measuring point), everyone can perform the small tool inspection in accordance with the guidance on screen without getting lost or mistake.

Introducing plan

  • As a centralized management tool of the measurement room data by combining with TESCHART Plus
  • As a dedicated measurement system for small tools

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