Max. loading mass of 60 kg
A flagship model of NEX series capable of measuring eccentric and heavy workpieces


Newly launched Z=900 size enabling measurement of large workpieces*

New size was added to the series, which is featured by the maximum loading mass of 60 kg, extending the maximum measurement height to 900 mm by adopting a larger column.
Measurement of long workpieces, which was difficult with the table rotating type roundness measuring machine, is now possible with this new size machine.

*Available only for SD type. The optional anti-vibration table E-VS-R86A/87A is required.

Similar but different. RONDCOM NEX α

The RONDCOM NEX series has been highly appreciated by users ever since its launch to the market, but users still wished that the machines could withstand loading of heavy workpieces and eccentric load. To meet such user needs, RONDCOM NEX α series, which has adopted an amazingly high stiffness design, was completed by re-designing the platform base and air spindle structures from scratch yet keeping the ergonomics-based design, which is established as a specific feature of the NEX series. The RONDCOM NEX α series boasts the world’s highest-in-class accuracy, as it ensures the same level of accuracy as before with the maximum load weight as 60 kg. Moreover, by combining with high column specification, the range of workpieces to be measured can be greatly expanded. RONDCOM NEX α. It looks similar but actually different from the previous series. It consists of new models for heavyweight workpieces, capable of measuring heavy workpieces at a high accuracy.

Equipped with a newly developed small sized highly rigid low vibration spindle

This α series is equipped with a newly developed small-sized highly rigid low vibration air spindle. The conventional NEX series uses an air pressure of 0.3 MPa, while this series uses 0.4 MPa. An increase in working pressure usually increases the vibration of the table, which may affect accuracy. But the application of the unique low vibration air bearing technology we have developed with the NEX Rs to the air spindle has enabled this middle-sized roundness measuring machine to be loaded with heavy workpieces.

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