Achieved world's highest rotation accuracy 0.04 μm (detector-rotating type).
Driving Speed for Each Axis Now Three Times Faster.
Straightness Accuracy for Each Axis is Ensured The Flagship Model of Detector-Rotating Type Instruments.

* Long shaft measuring tool is optional.


Rotation Accuracy: 0.1μm (JIS B7451)

Column Straightness Accuracy: 1.3μm/700mm
(When a 700mm long-shaft measuring tool is used.)

Industry’s First High-Accuracy Air Bearings for X-, Y-, Z-, and θ-axis.

Gabbro is used in the column and base, assuring top-class high accuracy over time.

Fully Automatic 7-axis Control

The Straightness Accuracy of the XY Table and R axis is Assured

Assured straightness accuracy on the table allows parallelism evaluations between bores of cylinder blocks.

Max. Driving Speed: 100mm/s, Shortened Measurement Time Improves Efficiency

Fully Automatic Measurement of Multiple Workpieces

Automatic Part Program Call Function(optionalal)

Adaptive to 1 ton load capacity (optionalal)

Adaptive to 1500 mm Z-axis stroke (optionalal)

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Cylinder block
Cylinder block

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