Optimum for measurement of large spindles and other applications
requiring ultrahigh precision measurement.

RONDCOM 65A-LH is a reference machine for instruments of this size, boasting the world's highest level accuracy.
It is a large roundness measuring instrument based on the design concept of R65A having the world's highest class accuracy equipped with a platform redesigned from scratch.


World best precision (Large-size table rotating type)

Rotation accuracy : 0.08 + 6H/10,000 μm
Straightness accuracy : Z=1.0 μm/900 mm, Z=0.2 μm/100 mm

Newly Developed Air Bearing Used for θaxis

Mobile Operation Panel for Easy Operability

The operation panel, which is independent of the instrument body, can be arranged in a variety of layouts, making it especially convenient for measurement of large workpieces.

Built-In Vibration Isolation Stand

Gabbro is used for the base, column and R axis.

As its secular change is very little, it can maintain the capability for a long period of time.

Offset CNC Detector Holder (Patented)

The offset CNC detector holder can change the detector direction automatically, which results in complete CNC measurement, enabling continuous automatic measurement of inner and outer diameters and top and bottom surfaces. The holder is an offset type and detector is long stylus specifi cation, it does not have the interference to R-axis arm, and it becomes easy to measure even in frange or a thickness work.

Offset-type CNC detector holder-standard (Patented)

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