Compact Desktop Roundness Measuring Instruments with High-End Analysis Functions Offer Superior Cost Performance.

RONDCOM 43C//41C/31C
* 2:1 sensitivity stylus and detector, printer are optional.


Centering/Tilting/Leveling Support Functions (patented)

ACCTee support funtion
ACCTee support funtion

Easily adjust eccentricity and tilt between the center of rotation and the center of the workpiece simply by adjusting the displacement to zero as indicated on the bar graph in the alignment display.

Semi-Automatic Measuring Function with Specification of Measuring Height

R41C Supports High Column: Z = 500mm (option)

All Orientation Detector (optional) May Be Provided

The detector expands the measuring range to ±1000μm and enables measuring force and front travel (stylus drop) adjustment.

Hint of roundness measuring selection

Why RONDCOM 31C can measure coaxially and concentricity without cylindrical and roundness measuring functions

RONDCOM 31C is not equipped with a Z-axis column that supports measurement of roundness and parallelism. Though this means that it is not equipped with cylindricity and straightness measuring functions, coaxiality and concentricity evaluation data is only the circle center data (center point) calculated from the roundness profile of each section. Since circle center data does not fluctuate in accordance with the size of or variations in the circumference, this means that the R31C also is capable of coaxiality and concentricity measurements of center point deviation.

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