Integrated Analysis Software ACCTee

New Measurement Style with New Concept All Measurements and Analyses Available in a Document.


Our newly developed ACCTee software represents the next generation of integrated TiMS software. Based on a new concept in measurement that combines document-based measurement and analysis with leading-edge operability and an intuitive work environment, ACCTee makes all operations available in the document (measurement result sheet), and enables all data and information to be saved with related data . Setting wizards simplify instrument setup and configuration, making it possible for anyone to easily perform a variety of measurement and analysis tasks, optimizing throughput and performance. This is the "All in the Document", next generation integrated software, ACCTee.

Easy-to-Use Interface for Leading-Edge Operability

ACCTee is equipped with a Windows style user interface that is easy for anyone to understand and use. User-friendly and intuitive icons guide you through a series of operations from measurement to the printing of analysis results.

Easy-to-Use Interface

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