Non-contact, high resolution, and wide range.
Non-contact 3D evaluation of workpieces in the whole surface with reduced time

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Equipped with a revolver mechanism that can hold up to 5 lenses comes standard

The combination of various types of lens groups enables measurement most suited to the workpiece and measurement purpose (R model).

The electric XY stage and stitching function for wider measurement range

It performs continuous measurement at any multiple locations in any sequence with the ± 25 mm or ± 50 mm electric stage.
The stitching function further expands the measurement range beyond the fi eld of the interference lens.

Non-contact, High optical resolution and Wide measuring range.

Opt-scope with high resolution of 0.01 nm.
It can be used for a wide range of applications from analysis of fine roughness in narrow fields to analysis of undulation in wide fields.
Non-contact 3D evaluation of workpieces in the whole surface with reduced time.

Conformity to ISO25178-2

3D Measurement and Evaluation for the Surface Profile on Machined Components without contact

The existing white light interferometer microscope is poor at clearly acquiring the profile data on machined components. Our original algorithm solves this issue, and expands the breadth of measurable workpieces such as highly grinded surfaces, micro profiles of MEMS and machined auto components.

Evaluation and Analysis

3D roughness analysis

2D roughness analysis of a cross-section

Fine form analysis

Contour/Advanced contour analysis

Grain analysis (Grain & Particle)

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