For measurement of nano / sub-nano level surface roughness.
3D white light interferometer microscope

Opt-scope Rex
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3D white light interference microscope Opt-scope of high resolution, wide range and high speed

Opt-scope is a 3D white light interference microscope with a high vertical resolution of 0.01nm irrespective of the lens magnification. Because of its ability to measure nano surface profile with a low magnification lens, it can perform high-speed, wide-range measurement in one shot. Sub-nano surface roughness, transparent objects and high aspect ratio structures that cannot be measured by laser microscope or other non-contact measuring instruments can be measured by Opt-scope at a high repeatability.


Opt-scope has a lineup for different sizes of workpieces,and can be customized upon request

Opt-socpe has a lineup according to the work piece size.
Standard type R with a choice of 25 mm square and 50 mm square drive range for the electric XY stage, 200 mm square R200,
And a special large type Rex that can be expanded from 400 mm square to a maximum of 600 mm square has been newly added to the lineup.It can be used for measuring semiconductors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, molds, etc., which have many large workpieces.


High correlation with stylus type

Tokyo Seimitsu has been selling stylus type surface roughness measuring machines for many years as a market leader, and Opt-scope has a correlation with the stylus type measurement results.


Compliant with ISO 25178-2 and JIS B 0681-2 3D Surface Texture Parameters

As a long-time member of ISO/TC213, Tokyo Seimitsu has been involved in the dissemination and promotion of 3D surface texture measurement.

Scanning speed increased by 6 times with the Optional high-speed camera

Two mode options according to accuracy requirement, making the high-speed mode achieve even a higher speed .


Film thickness analysis with transparent multilayer film measurement function

For multilayer film can be stacked up to 6 transparent layers of 1.5 μm or more in optical length (7 interfaces). The function is able to analyze the surface texture of the topmost surface, film thickness of each layer and film thickness distribution.


Evaluation and Analysis

3D roughness analysis


2D roughness analysis of a cross-section


Fine form analysis


Contour/Advanced contour analysis


Grain analysis (Grain & Particle)


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