Wafer Thickness measuring system WT-425 series

High accuracy measuring system for wafer

Wafer Thickness measuring system WT-425
Wafer Thickness measuring system WT-425
  • For 3 to 8 inch wafer


●For several size wafer(3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 inch wafer)
●No damage on wafer surface.

 Wafer floats while measurement points are changed.

●Best for the process control of compound wafers or oxide wafers.

 During the measurement, the wafer is positioned between two opposite probes.

 Detectors can correctly measure on one point of wafer.

 It is possible to order different contact type other than ruby.

 *Please contact our sales or technical staff for detail.

Contact (φ 6 spherical ruby)
 Measured data


・Stored in USB storage.

・RS-232C function (Option)

 RS-232C+Datalink software(Microsoft Excel add-in)  Stored in Excel via RS-232C



Name WT-425
(for 3 to 8 inch wafer)
(for 8 and 12 inch)
Productcode 4251863 4252665
Cumulative indication error:±0.8 μm/within 3 mm stroke
Repeatability:0.2 μm (2σ)
Measuring unit Detector PHA-13WL
Measuring force 0.3~2.0 N(30 ~ 200 gf)
Wafer diameter φ3”、φ4”、φ5”、φ6”、φ8” φ8”、φ12”
Retract stroke 5 mm~
Dimensions 320 (W) ×320 (D) ×357 (H) mm 570 (W) ×550 (D) ×357 (H) mm
Display unit Model MINICOM-XD
Display 3.5 inch TFT Color LCD
Display range ±999,999.9 μm
Min.display value 0.1 μm
Unit mm or μm
Power supply DC24V、0.5 A
Power consumption 5 W


For 3 to 8 inch wafer
For 8 and 12 inch wafer

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