PULCOM BG Bore Gages

Inner-Diameter Measuring Head for Post-Process


High Precision

These heads provide the high precision required for inner diameter post-process measurements.

Diverse Measurements

Measuring heads are available for a diverse range of measurements, including one diameter,
two diameters, ellipse, average diameter, hole with steps and taper.

Superior Cost Performance

Standardization of the main unit, guide, fingers and contacts has eliminated the necessity of
new designs for most parts. This has allowed us to produce them more quickly and inexpensively.

Complete Easy Mount Options

The components that support the measuring head such as the floating relieving unit and
relieving unit are also standardized. This eliminates damage to the measuring unit do to
machining errors and improper positioning.

No Air to Control

Since the unit is driven by electricity, management of the measuring air is not required.

External View

Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram

Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram1
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram2
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram3
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram4
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram5
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram6
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram7
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram8
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram9
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram10
Outer Appearance/Dimensions Diagram11


Model BG-10A BG-09 BG-04 BG-03
Specifications -501 -502 -503 - - -
Measuring items One inner diameter Distance between centers Two inner diameters (ellipse, taper), distance between centers
Computing method
Number of output connectors
X (G1)
X (G1 + G2)
X(G1), Y(G2))
X (G1+G2), Y(G3+G4)
Measuring range 1 2 *2 *4
Measuring force φ10 – φ100 φ3 – φ100 φ14 – φ100
  Without boot* 0.35 ±0.15N (φ1.5 – φ100) 0.75 ±0.25N
0.75 ±0.25N (φ10 – φ100)
With boot 1 ±0.25N (φ20 – φ100) 1.25 ±0.25N
Repeatability 1 μm or less
Contact material Diamond or carbide alloy
Guide dimension/shape Dedicated for one workpiece
Mounting orientation φ80 or less: No limits (must be specified), Over φ80: Plumb-bob vertical downwards
Applicable FRU None A070511 A070510 None A070510
Applicable RU None A070513 A070512 None A070512

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