ZEISS CONTURA® series: Regenerated new generation CMM capable of performing all types of contact and non-contact measurement


High Versatility

  • Combined use of multiple measurement sensors enabled
    Incorporating MASS technology enabling all kinds of contact and non-contact measurement
    MASS (multi-application sensor system) technology enables mounting of diverse measurement sensors, allowing a single ZEISS CONTURA® machine to meet a variety of measurement needs.As optional sensors can be retrofitted*, for example, you can suppress the initial cost by choosing the minimum necessary configuration "at the time of the initial purchase" and add optional sensors "in the future" when the need arises for new measurements. As such, you can take a flexible approach to choosing the measuring machine without trying to anticipate future measurement needs.

*Retrofitting of DotScan requires an option for retrofitting DotScan at the time of factory shipment.

  • Rotary table for fast, accurate and low-cost measurement of intricately-shaped workpieces, such as gears and impellers (optional)
    A rotary table option capable of performing 4-axis scanning measurement synchronizing four axes, i. e., three axes of the measuring machine and rotary axis of the rotary table.This option enables high-accuracy measurement of intricately shaped workpieces, such as gears and impellers. Moreover, with this option, a workpiece can be rotated so that the whole circumference of the workpiece can be measured with minimum stylus configuration.This is a highly beneficial option in that it enables high-accuracy measurement of intricate shapes and reduces stylus cost as well as measurement time by reduction of stylus change frequency.

High Reliability

  • Navigator function for high-accuracy, high-speed scanning measurement (when using VAST XT gold/XTR gold)
    Navigator function is mounted for real-time correction of the stylus and measuring machine deformation caused by the force that changes in measuring operation (accelerations) in addition to the straightness of each axis, orthogonality, and stylus deflection. This superior technology can significantly enhance the accuracy in high-speed scanning measurement and enables speedy and reliable measurement.
  • Use of highly durable materials for extended life and improved maintainability
  • High resolution glass ceramic scale and floating method for scale retention to eliminate the impact of temperature changes
  • Extended accuracy guarantee temperature range of 18 to 26℃ HTG type (optional)

Excellent Usability

  • User-friendly design for easy operation in front of measuring machine
  • Small footprint with large measurement range
  • Stylus change magazine enabling maximum utilization of measurement range ProMax E (optional)
    When a typical stylus change magazine is used, because of the need to install the magazine within the measurement range, the size and measurable locations of the workpiece are restricted.ProMax E, on the other hand, is installed outside of the measurement range, and it moves into the measurement range "only when the stylus is changed".It is a new-style change magazine that does not interfere with the measurement range or the space for workpiece loading and yet enables safe stylus change.

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