High-accuracy model taken to an even higher level of accuracy by knowhow obtained from ZEISS PRISMO® ultra

High-accuracy coordinate measuring machine achieving high-accuracy measurement at a level above the previous model, enhancing the accuracy of ZEISS PRISMO®


Zerodur® scale hardly affected by temperature changes

Zerodur®, a material with an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, is used for the scale of each axis to achieve an extremely high-accuracy by suppressing the impact of environmental temperature changes on accuracy to a minimum.

Inheriting the correction technology of ZEISS PRISMO® ultra to achieve high-accuracy

By CAA correction technology, which was improved based on the knowhow accumulated through many years of experience with ZEISS PRISMO® ultra, the top end model of the series, an accuracy higher than the high-accuracy ZEISS PRISMO® at E0, MPE = 0.7+L/400 μm is achieved. (Size 7/9/5 and 9/15/7, 19-22℃)

Features common to ZEISS PRISMO® series


  • Equipped with active scanning sensor VAST gold for high-accuracy and high-speed scanning measurement as a standard feature
  • Air bearings support the guides in four directions to prevent torsion in operation
  • Original floating method for scale retention to avoid the impact of guide expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes

High versatility

  • "MASS technology" enables mounting of a variety of contact and non-contact sensors
  • Rotary table for high-accuracy, efficient measurement of intricately-shaped workpieces (optional)

High environmental resistance

  • Design for protection from the impact of dirt, damages and temperature changes
  • Use of materials hardly affected by temperature changes
    ・Carbon material ThermoFit® is used for the left side of bridge Y-axis
    ・Measurement system with Zerodur® scales independent from environmental temperature (thermal expansion coefficient about 1/230 of that of steel)

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