Top end model of ZEISS PRISMO® series with the highest level of accuracy

ZEISS PRISMO® ultra was developed to meet the needs for extremely high accuracy in measurement, such as in research and development for high precision parts and calibration inspection of reference gauges.


Achieving highest level of accuracy

High accuracy at the level of E0, MPE = 0.5+L/500 μm is achieved by mounting an ultra-high resolution scale and utilizing a variety of technologies to minimize the impact of temperature changes on measurement results.

Ultra-high resolution scale made of Zerodur®

The scale with the highest resolution 0.02 μm in ZEISS PRISMO® series is mounted on each axis.
Moreover, Zerodur®, a material with an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, is used for the scale to minimize the impact of changes in the environmental temperature on the accuracy.

Advanced CAA correction technology for high accuracy

Fine CAA, a method for correcting guide straightness errors by splitting into 64 fine grids, is used.
In addition, by means of “tensor calibration” to determine the deflection of stylus and calibration sphere by probing the same location multiple times while changing the measuring force in calibration, deflection error is removed from measurement results to achieve high-accuracy measurement.

Features common to ZEISS PRISMO® series


  • Equipped with active scanning sensor VAST gold for high-accuracy and high-speed scanning measurement as a standard feature
  • Air bearings support the guides in four directions to prevent torsion in operation
  • Original floating method for scale retention to avoid the impact of guide expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes

High versatility

  • "MASS technology" enables mounting of a variety of contact and non-contact sensors
  • Rotary table for high-accuracy, efficient measurement of intricately-shaped workpieces (optional)

High environmental resistance

  • Design for protection from the impact of dirt, damages and temperature changes
  • Use of materials hardly affected by temperature changes
    ・Carbon material ThermoFit® is used for the left side of bridge Y-axis
    ・Measurement system with Zerodur® scales independent from environmental temperature (thermal expansion coefficient about 1/230 of that of steel)

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