O-INSPECT incorporates all functions that coordinate measuring machines, projectors, optical microscopes, and profile measuring machines have, enabling measurement and evaluation of small parts with a single machine.

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O-INSPECT is a multi-sensor measuring machine equipped with contact and non-contact type sensors.

O-INSPECT is a multi-sensor measuring machine equipped with contact and non-contact type sensors.

It is equipped with high-accuracy contact scanning sensor VAST XXT and high-accuracy non-contact image sensor Discovery. V12 as standard features.Moreover, non-contact measurement of three-dimensional microstructures can be performed with white light distance sensor ZEISS DotScan.This is an all-in-one measuring machine developed by merging the highly-reputed measurement technology of the industrial measuring machine division and the outstanding optical technology of the microscope division of ZEISS.

Thrills of measuring with ZEISS lens.
Telecentric Zoom lens Discovery. V12

Discovery V12 enables high-accuracy image measurement of workpieces made of various materials.It guarantees highly reproducible results with zoom lens that switches 10 zoom levels.Also, use of telecentric system enables measurement of precise dimensions without depending on the distance to object.

  • Long working distance for all magnifications
    The working distance of Discovery.V12 is as long as 87mm for all magnifications. It can be operated without worrying too much about the sensor approaching the measured object.
  • Enabling automatic illumination settings*
    O-INSPECT is able to perform automatic illumination settings to maximize the contrast for optimum edge detection. Obtained illumination settings can be saved so that they can be used for the second and subsequent measurements to reduce variations caused by different illumination settings, ensuring uniform measurement results.

*CALYPSO 2016 or later is needed.

  • Uniform recognition of edges on glossy surfaces
    New type lens cover reduces unevenness of illumination reflection during measurement.
    Edges are securely recognized even in measurement of glossy surfaces.

Contact type Scanning Probe VAST XXT

O-INSPECT is equipped with contact scanning probe VAST XXT as a standard feature.

  • Enabling high-accuracy scanning measurement
    VAST XXT enables measurement of deep holes, side surfaces of workpieces, oblique holes, etc., which are difficult to measure with image sensor.With the scanning measurement function, in addition to single point measurement, profiles can be captured accurately.
  • Wide range of accuracy guarantee temperatures
    In contact measurement, accuracy is guaranteed in a wide temperature range of 18℃ to 30℃.

White light distance sensor ZEISS DotScan capable of non-contact high-speed measurement of diverse workpieces (optional)

ZEISS DotScan is a white light distance sensor based on the confocal principle.It achieves non-contact measurement of a wide variety of workpieces, such as three-dimensional microstructures, transparent parts including glasses and lenses, soft parts that are deformed by contact measurement, glossy polished surfaces, etc.The sensor can be selected from three kinds of sensors with different measuring ranges, and sensors of another measuring range can be retrofitted.

  • Able to measure thickness of transparent parts and profile of underlying surfaces after coating
    Multiple peaks can be detected and able to measure a surface profile, film thickness of transparent workpieces, and thickness of clear coatings.
  • Optimal for measurement of micro profiles and edges (radius correction is not required)
    Small spot diameter, which is φ8 μm at a minimum (1mm measuring range type), enables accurate measurement of microstructure and minute edge profiles.
  • High-accuracy non-contact measurement of mirror surface workpieces without spraying
    Workpieces with highly glossy surfaces like mirror surface can be measured as they are without spraying.
  • Non-contact, ultra-high-speed flatness measurement of flat workpieces
    Flat workpieces were previously subjected to point measurement for flatness evaluation to avoid the impact on surfaces, but with ZEISS DotScan, measurement time can be significantly reduced by non-contact, ultra-high-speed measurement.

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