ZEISS O-DETECT, a new member of ZEISS Optical Series, easily capture things that are better left untouched.


Optical metrology of Carl Zeiss boasting a long tradition: Brand-new optical system for O-DETECT

O-DETECT is equipped with an innovative digital zoom camera developed with the long-established optical technology of Carl Zeiss. It is the first system of this class to achieve a constantly wide field of view of 8 mm × 7 mm and a high pixel resolution of about 3 μm. These technological features make ZEISS O-DETECT an optimum image measuring instrument for a wide variety of applications ranging from micro measurement to macro measurement regardless of the material, color and shape of workpieces.

  • Equipped with distortionless optical lens of Carl Zeiss, a world-renowned lens manufacturer
  • Wide field of view and high resolution achieved by high resolution image sensor
  • Lighting technology developed with experience in microscopes to clearly capture the shapes of workpieces

Realizing both high reliable 2D/3D measurement and usability

  • ISO 10360-7 compliant
    ——Length measurement error 2.4+L/150 µm
  • Unique overview imaging
    ——Quickly moves to measurement point after capturing the entire range
  • ZEISS ZAPHIRE software
    ——Intuitive operation for absolute ease of use

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