Has achieved a high accuracy which cannot be provided by conventional manual machines!
Joystick CMM allowing for highly accurate manual measurement by easy operation


New joystick operation box allows for precise measurement

A newly-developed operation box with compact hand-held size and double -thumb stick for easy and free operation adopted. In the conventional manual operation, it is difficult to make precise measurement due to measurement point misalignment, but with XYZAX mju NEX J, joystick operation allows for easy positioning andprecise measurement.

Excellent features of XYZAX mju NEX inherited
— Compact/Energy conservation/High environmental resistance —

XYZAX mju NEX has been well-received since its release. The excellent XYZAX mju NEX features are inherited for XYZAX mju NEX J, such as the smallest footprint in its class, significant reduction of air and power consumption by the hybrid guide structure equipped with high-rigidity linear guides in X, Y (right) and Z axes and air bearings in Y axis (left), high environmental adaptability by installing dustproof covers in X and Y axes and Z axis scale in the Z axis column.

The auto-probing function allowing for highly accurate manual measurement can only
be provided by the joystick machine, not by any manual or CNC machines

The auto-probing function provides probing at a constant measurement speed and force once the joystick is leaned. Measurement point misalignment and variations in measurement speed and force often occurred in the conventional manual measurement made by holding a probe in one hand are reduced, and accurate and stable measurement is possible.

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