Coordinate Measuring Machines

Carl Zeiss Series

  • Flagship model that makes a new history, surpassing by far the previous actual accuracy by integration of innovative technologies
  • Top end model of ZEISS PRISMO® series with the highest level of accuracy
  • High-accuracy model taken to an even higher level of accuracy by knowhow obtained from ZEISS PRISMO® ultra
  • Model for on-site measurement with high accuracy combined with on-site installation and automation capabilities
  • Standard type of ZEISS PRISMO® achieving stable, high-accuracy and high-speed measurement under a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Smallest footprint and largest measurement range in this class, Sub-micron accuracy with high-speed scanning
  • This lineup offers devices of various sizes capable of high-accuracy measurement for large objects such as aircraft parts and construction machinery parts.
  • ZEISS CONTURA® series: Regenerated new generation CMM capable of performing all types of contact and non-contact measurement
  • "Active scanning" entry model with small footprint and high-accuracy
  • Coordinate measuring machine for production line measurement, achieving high-accuracy, high-speed measurement without measuring lab!
  • This new measurement style breaks with conventional wisdom and achieves easy installation and transfer to the processing site.
  • Range of accuracy guaranteed temperature range: 15℃ to 40℃
    High IPX applicable model that allows in-line mesurement capability.
  • O-INSPECT incorporates all functions that coordinate measuring machines, projectors, optical microscopes, and profile measuring machines have, enabling measurement and evaluation of small parts with a single machine.
  • ZEISS O-DETECT, a new member of ZEISS Optical Series, easily capture things that are better left untouched.
  • Digital measuring projector ensuring high measurement quality with accuracy expressed in compliance with ISO standards
  • MMZ Series, ultra-large coordinate measuring machines with the world's top-class measurement accuracy

XYZAX Series

  • A global standard 3D coordinate measuring machine featuring high accuracy, high speed and high environmental resistance and supporting a variety of probe systems
  • With the point measurement models of the AXCEL series, you can select from among various specifications based on your specific needs.
  • Compact CNC coordinate measuring machine which realizes energy saving with stable measuring accuracy
  • Has achieved a high accuracy which cannot be provided by conventional manual machines!
    Joystick CMM allowing for highly accurate manual measurement by easy operation
  • Full renewed design of our long-selling instruments, RVF series Newly improved entry model of manual type, high-precision Coordinate measuring instrument.

Data Processor System (Software)


  • Probes
    Various types of probe system making it possible to deal with any kind of application
  • Rotary table
    Rotary table
    Highly beneficial option which achieves high-accuracy measurement of intricate shapes and reduces stylus cost as well as measurement time by reduction of stylus change frequency.
  • Stylus, attachments and devices
    Stylus, attachments and devices

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