Human Resource Development Policy of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group has revised its human resource development policy.
In this policy, we will clarify "what the Group aims for," "the image of human resources we seek," and "the Group’s growth support policy," and we will work to develop human resources, the Group's greatest asset.

Human Resource Development Policy of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group

The mission of the Group includes:
“Growing together with partners and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge and information to create the world’s No. 1 products,” and
“WIN–WIN relationships create the world’s No. 1 products!”

To fulfill this mission, we need employees who can:

  • Gain a high level of trust by facing customers' issues and solving them;
  • Accept diverse values and see things from the other person's point of view to draw out mutual strengths and cooperate with each other; and
  • Connect their own ideas to technical and business innovations, aim for high goals, and grow autonomously.

The Group supports the growth of its employees, who are the most important asset, by creating a work environment and implementing measures as described below:

  • Provide educational programs, including training and education, according to the growth stage of individual employees
  • Provide employees with opportunities to take on challenges in the workplace and support through communication with their supervisors
  • Promote various measures and create an environment in which diverse human resources can feel fulfilled in their work and can play an active role