First-time Domestic Exhibition of Actual ZEISS METROTOM 1 at JIMTOF 2022
Launch of the Dimensional X-ray CT System ZEISS METROTOM 1

Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. will launch ZEISS METROTOM 1, an easy-to-use and high-efficient entry model among the lineup of the dimensional X-ray CT system ZEISS METROTOM series. In addition, we will exhibit the actual machine at the 31st JAPAN INTERNATIONAL MACHINE TOOL FAIR (JIMTOF) 2022 scheduled to be held in Tokyo Big Sight from November 8 (Tuesday) to 13 (Sunday) this year, making its debut in a domestic exhibition.

The most distinctive feature of ZEISS METROTOM 1 is its simple and easy operation that makes it accessible to anyone. It allows you to execute all the processes with just one software, saves your labor of learning to be a skillful operator thanks to its easy operation, and helps even beginners with stable scanning through its automatic optimization function for the scanning condition parameters that used to require the skills of experienced operators.

Despite being an entry model, it is equipped with a high-power X-ray tube of 600W, the highest target performance among its series. This makes it possible to perform high-contrast and clear scanning on multiple workpieces simultaneously, which is a distinctive feature of ZEISS METROTOM 1.

ZEISS METROTOM 1 enables the easy and quick measurement and inspection of various components including small and medium products, plastic connectors, caps, and aluminum products.
We would like you to take a look at our new machine with your own eyes at JIMTOF 2022.

ACCRETECH intends to keep stepping up its product lineup to address a vast variety of measurement needs of customers.


Maximum tube voltage 160 kV
Maximum target performance 600 W
Measuring range φ165 mm × h 140mm
Maximum workpiece weight 5 kg
Measurement accuracy SD
(VDI/VDE 2630 compliant)
5.0+L/100 µm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1751 mm × 872 mm × 1820 mm
Weight 2200 kg

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Official website
Date November 8 (Tue.) - November 13 (Sun.), 2022
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
Our company's  booth East hall 7 E7028

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