Disclosure of Information on COVID-19-Infected Persons in Our Group

Our Group has placed the highest priority on curbing the spread of COVID-19 from and into its member companies, ensuring the safety of employees and their families, through precautionary measures such as monitoring the health conditions of employees, and encouraging them to wash hands and gargle thoroughly and frequently, work from home, and to hold online meetings.

Also, when any employee is tested positive for COVID-19, our Group takes thorough responsive measures against the spread of the infection, through directing the infected person and the close contacts to work from home, disinfecting their workplaces, and taking other necessary steps, in accordance with the guidance and instructions from medical institutions and healthcare centers, and the guidelines of our Group.

Conventionally, our Group has disclosed information on infected employees through its website, but on and after October 1, 2022, it will limit the subject of such disclose to persons who may affect its business operations or business partners. We would very much appreciate your understanding for this change of our policy.

Our Group will continue to take anti-COVID-19 measures in cooperation with related institutions, rapidly responding to situations brought by the infection, based on the policies and requirements set forth by the central and local governments.