Brand licensing agreement:
ACCRETECH and Jenoptik bring "Shaftcom" optical metrology to the Japanese market

With their strategic partnership, ACCRETECH and Jenoptik will combine economic and technological strengths to create added value for the entire Japanese industry from February 1, 2022. ACCRETECH thus gains another strong distribution partner.

With immediate effect, ACCRETECH Tokyo Seimitsu is distributing Jenoptik's leading optical shaft measuring system "Opticline" in Japan. ACCRETECH benefits from the completion of its product portfolio. ACCRETECH offers Japanese companies Jenoptik's world-leading optical measurement technology exclusively under its own OEM brand "Shaftcom". This gives Jenoptik sustainable access to one of the world's most important automotive manufacturing markets.

“With the Shaftcom, quality control of rotationally symmetrical components is performed during ongoing production. The integrated camera systems with telecentric light optically measure dimensions and contours either randomly or 100% on every workpiece from the production line. The systems are complemented by optional tactile sensors for internal or hidden features" says Otto Boucky, Managing Director of Jenoptik’s Industrial Metrology business unit. "We are pleased that our unique measurement technology is now available to Japanese customers across the board."

ACCRETECH responsible for service and maintenance of existing contracts

With the signing of the agreement ACCRETECH has taken over the existing service and maintenance contracts for delivered equipment in Japan. As a result, Jenoptik and ACCRETECH will implement their cooperation as early as February 2022.

About Jenoptik

Optical technologies are the very basis of our business: Jenoptik is a globally active technology group and is active in the three photonics-based divisions: Light & Optics, Light & Production and Light & Safety. Under the TRIOPTICS brand, Jenoptik also offers optical test and manufacturing systems for the quality control of lenses, objectives and camera modules. Our key target markets primarily include the semiconductor industry, medical technology, automotive and mechanical engineering, traffic, aviation as well as security and defense technology industries. Approximately 4,900 employees work for Jenoptik worldwide. The Group’s headquarters are in Jena (Germany). JENOPTIK AG is listed on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt and is included in the SDax and TecDax. In the 2020 fiscal year, Jenoptik generated total revenue, including VINCORION, of around 900 million euros according to preliminary figures.

About ACCRETECH Tokyo Seimitsu

Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd (ACCRETECH) is a Company provides Semiconductor production equipment and Precision measuring instruments with affiliates operating in 15 countries and more than 2,300 employees around the world, and recorded approx. 97.1 billion Yen of revenue in Fiscal Year ended March 2021. "ACCRETECH" is the Corporate Brand, which combines the words ACCRETE, meaning Grow Together, and TECHNOLOGY. The Corporate mission is to offer the world’s best products helping our customers achieve an outstanding level of Monozukuri as the Company continues to grow alongside. To date, applying the principle of“Customer Satisfaction,” ACCRETECH has taken an uncompromising stance in pursuit of technologies. Throughout its history, ACCRETECH refined and evolved measuring technology to support Monozukuri around the world. ACCRETECH is determined to help customers in their initiatives for innovation in manufacturing, taking advantage of the precision measurement and processing technologies that have been developed over the years.