Launch of the "RONDCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)" Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments

Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) remodeled the "RONDCOM NEX series," its flagship models of roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments, and announced that it will launch the "RONDCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)."

Inheriting the features of its predecessors, such as high versatility, a rich lineup of functions, and no need for maintenance, the new "RONDCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)" offers other benefits as well, including increased usability and labor savings in inspection and other work, in order to meet diverse measuring needs in today's manufacturing industry.

Usability is enhanced by a completely changed operation panel, an override dial for real-time drive speed control, a lock button for making an emergency stop or disabling a panel operation, and an upgraded design. These minimize the operator workload. Also, when used in combination with a newly developed "Automatic Force adjustment Detector” (option), the instrument allows a workpiece with a notch, etc., to be measured easily and safely through the use of an automatic front travel control function, an automatic control function for the measuring direction and force, etc. In addition, using an optional device such as the "XY-Axis Automatic Stage" in combination makes it possible to measure multiple workpieces without changing stages.
The "RONDCOM NEX (DX2/SD2) " can be used flexibly for all types of workpieces, such as heavy workpieces ,long workpieces and workpieces having a large diameter, or small hole, as well as for highly accurate diameter measurement and surface texture measurement. It improves labor savings and productivity at measuring sites and further helps maintain the product quality.

The Company intends to keep stepping up its product lineup to address a vast variety of measurement needs of customers.

Machine appearance
【Machine appearance】
Example of using XY-Axis Automatic Stage
【Example of using XY-Axis Automatic Stage】
 Max. measuring diameter :O.D. 300 mm I.D. 360 mm
 Max. measuring height :500 mm(SD type:900 mm)
 Rotation accuracy Radial :(0.02 + 3.2H/10000) µm
 (H:The height of measuring circle from the table top (mm))
  Axis :(0.02 + 3.2R/10000) µm
   (R:Distance from the table rotation center (mm))
 Max. loading weight :30 kg(α:60 kg)
 Roughness measurement function :RONDCOM NEX Rs series
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