Launch of the Surface Texture and Contour Measuring Instrument "SURFCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)"

 Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has drastically changed its surface texture and contour measuring instrument "SURFCOM NEX" to offer a new model "SURFCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)" that features high efficiency, high versatility, and high reliability.
For the new "SURFCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)," the Company has improved the tracing driver and electric column drive mechanism, realizing an overwhelming drive speed, which is 1.6 times faster in the X axis (horizontal) direction and 5 times faster in the C axis (vertical) direction than the conventional model of the same category. Also, when used in combination with a newly developed hybrid detector capable of performing surface texture and contour measurements at once across a range of up to 26 mm in the Z direction, the instrument can measure all types of workpieces efficiently in a short time.
Furthermore, the ultra-low-vibration linear motor tracing driver, which is the Company's patented technology, has a feature that corrects the impact of temperature change on the scale in real time, thus guaranteeing accuracy over a wide temperature range of 20±5℃. This produces highly reliable measurement results even in an environment that more closely resembles the processing site.
Some customers use separate measuring instruments for surface texture and contour measurements, resulting in long inspections. For other customers, the currently used detector for simultaneous surface texture and contour measurements cannot measure all workpieces because of an insufficient measurement range. There are also customers who worry about whether accurate measurement results are really obtained in the installation environment since accuracy is guaranteed only over a narrow temperature range. The "SURFCOM NEX (DX2/SD2)" solves the problems of all these customers.
The Company intends to keep stepping up its product lineup to address a vast variety of measurement needs of customers.
Specifications: SURFCOM NEX 200 (Model equipped with a hybrid detector)
 Measuring range X-axis :100 or 200 mm
  Z-axis :±6.5 mm (with LH=50 mm stylus)
:±13 mm (with LH=100 mm stylus)
 Indication accuracy Z-axis :±(1.0 + |2H|/100) µm (H: Measuring height mm , with LH=50 mm stylus)
:±(1.5 + |2H|/100) µm (H: Measuring height mm , with LH=100 mm stylus)
 Resolution Z-axis :0.9 nm/Full range (with LH=50 mm stylus)
:1.8 nm/ Full range (with LH=100 mm stylus)
 Drive speed X-axis :Max. 100 mm/s
  C-axis :Max.  50 mm/s
 Temperature of accuracy guarantee :20 ℃±5 ℃
 *The above is the specifications of the model equipped with a hybrid detector. In addition, we have a model with a roughness measurement pickup, a model with a contour measurement detector, and a model with a high-accuracy contour measurement detector. 
 Any detector / pickup can be combined or added later.

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