Opt-scope Series Non-contact 3D Surface Roughness and Profile Measuring Instrument
Launch of the Special Large Type "Opt-scope Rex"

Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has launched a new special large type "Opt-scope Rex," a 3D white light interference microscope for nano-level surface profile measurement.

The Company has added this new large type model to its product lineup of Opt-scope non-contact 3D surface roughness and contour measuring instruments.
With the former models of the Opt-scope series, the maximum drive range for the electric XY stage is 200 mm square. The "Opt-scope Rex" supports a drive range from 400 to 600 mm square. It also meets the needs of customers who want to expand the drive range for the electric XY stage to 600 mm square or more or who wish to increase the maximum workpiece weight.

The "Opt-scope Rex" enables nano-level surface profile measurement (roughness and fine profile). It can be used for measuring semiconductors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, molds, etc., which have many large workpieces.
The Company intends to keep stepping up its product lineup to address a vast variety of measurement needs of customers.

Specification: Opt-scope Rex st400
   Measurement system : Coherence Scanning Interferometry
   Vertical resolution : 0.01nm
   Z-axis indication accuracy : ±(0.1+|H/1000|)μm ( H: height μm)
   Maximum height of workpiece : 102mm
   Maximum loading weight : 30kg
   Electric XY stage moving range : 400 x 400 mm
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