Response to Spread of the New Coronavirus

Our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by the new coronavirus infection.

As the Japanese government declared a state of emergency on April 7(Tue), we of Accretech Group have announced our response policy as follows.

The Group, in accordance with the policies of the central and local governments, places top priority on the health and safety of employees, our valued customers and all the other stakeholders, and works to prevent the spread of infection. And as a key industry that supports social basis and infrastructure, we will comprehensively consider our mission take the following actions.

1. Factory operation and sales offices and service stations
   In principle, the operation and sales/services activities will continue as usual.

2. Restrictions on business trip
   Unnecessary and non-urgent business trips to the whole world are prohibited in principle. Also, we will make
   appropriate decisions based on the information provided by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other risk
   information providing organizations.
   Business support to our overseas customers continues to be conducted mainly by our overseas subsidiaries in
   compliance with the laws and regulations of each country.

3. Infection prevention measures
   The employees are obligated to measure body temperature before coming to work and report, and encouraged
   to take leaves when they feel ill at all. and wash hands frequently and proper gargle and cough etiquette. Masks,
   non-contact thermometer and alcohol disinfectant are provided.
   In order to prevent a large crowd, the way of holding meetings and conferences is revised (Web conference
   system, etc.) and the number of cafeteria users per scheduled section has been reduced.
   Visitors are requested to reveal their travel history, measure body temperature and clean hands with alcohol-
   based sanitizer at the entrance.
   Dinners and participation and holding of event with a large number of people are discouraged.
   Strong awareness to all the employees has been addressed to avoid unnecessary and non-urgent outings for
   their non-business matters.

In order to fulfill our responsibility for providing our products and services to our valued customers to ensure the continuity of our business, we will continue to implement necessary measures in accordance with the above-mentioned response policy while keeping on collecting various information on all fronts.

* Please note that the response policy may be revised depending on the situation progress.