XYZAX AXCEL, a high accuracy 3D coordinate measuring machine, to be unveiled at JIMTOF 2016

Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. (Hitoshi Yoshida as President & CEO) will unveil its XYZAX AXCEL at the 28th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF 2016) held at the Tokyo Big Sight from Thursday, November 17 to Tuesday, November 22.
XYZAX AXCEL is a new generation high accuracy 3D coordinate measuring machine having high-speed, high accuracy and high resistance to environment that we have positioned as a global standard machine. In order to respond to diversification and sophistication (productivity increase) in manufacturing at home and abroad, XYZAX AXCEL uses a newly developed drive mechanism and a newly designed highly rigid bridge, achieving  significant performance increases at all conditions compared to its current models. 
XYZAX AXCEL is equipped with 2-axis rotation type probe head RDS which is capable of positioning at a pitch of 5.0° both horizontally and vertically (a maximum of 5,184 patterns), and scanning probe VAST XXT which allows for scanning measurement from different angles. These features can widen the scope of applications. 
Tokyo Seimitsu will continue to strive to enhance its product line-up to meet diversified measurement needs of its customers.

 Maximum allowable length measurement error, E0,MPEMPE : 1.8+3L/1000 μm 
 Maximum temperature range to guarantee accuracy      : 15°C to 30°C
 Maximum acceleration         : 2300 mm/s2
 Maximum driving speed         : 700 mm/s

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