What is ACCRETECH-TOKYO SEIMITSU's management policy?

To ensure continuous corporate growth, we focus primarily on creating a strong product development system and appropriate standards for product development. Our Strategic Principles for Our RD are a central element in this mix, and through these, we aim to consistently enhance our technological base.

Strategic Principles for Our RD
  1. Endeavor to create the number one products in the global market Products with the leading share in the global market should have the following qualities :
    (1) The ability to generate maximum profits during favorable economic periods (Mini Max)
    (2) The ability to incur only minimal losses during periods of recession (Max Min)
  2. Finance RD exclusively from internal cash flows (Max Min)
  3. Target fields that have strong technology barriers but where market needs are high and the potential size of the market is large (Mini Max) 
  4. Actively seek alliances to share R D costs and utilize synergies that benefit industry partners (Max Min Mini Max)

Under these guidelines, and in line with the concepts epitomized by our corporate brand and mission statement, we are seeking to expand our businesses by generating products that will command top global market share.

What is ACCRETECH-TOKYO SEIMITSU's mission statement?

WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS CREATE THE WORLD'S NO.1 PRODUCTS Based on this, we pursue a corporate climate that facilitates a global, hybrid structure, combining cultures from diverse countries and organizations to ensure the development of universal, unsurpassed products.

What do the corporate brand name "ACCRETECH" and symbol mean?


ACCRETECH was created from the words accrete, which means to grow together, and technology. This personifies our corporate ethos to grow together with our customers by integrating superior global technologies, knowledge and information, with the objective of developing the world's premier products. The symbol personifies our mission statement. The spinning golden orb represents the dynamic mix of resources - people, materials, funds and information - concentrated from all over the world. The integration of these elements will enable the consistent development of cutting-edge products, depicted by the jet streams shooting out of the orb.

What are ACCRETECH-TOKYO SEIMITSU's Group Leader System and In-House Company System?

In 1988, we arranged our technological development teams according to product type and appointed a technical expert at the head of each group. These group leaders are responsible not only for product development but also business performance. They have full authority related to creating business plans, investment and recruitment.

In April 2002, in line with the adoption of an Executive Officer System, all group leaders were appointed as executive officers. This acted to further strengthen the new system, notably speed of decision making and flexible, swift response to market conditions.

We also introduced an In-House Company System in April 2002, in which the operations of the three in-house entities, the Semiconductor Company, the Metrology Company and the Administration Company, are conducted independently, which eliminated the need for a head office.

The Semiconductor Company and the Metrology Company have significant decision making authority, which facilitates agile, quick customer response. The Administration Company ensures that all direct departments are running smoothly.

How do you rate in the area of customer satisfaction?

ACCRETECH-TOKYO SEIMITSU wafer probing and dicing machines have been awarded the industry 10 Best Award for high customer satisfaction for a number of years. VLSI Research Inc., a well-known U.S. company engaged in semiconductor manufacturing equipment market forecasts, conducts an annual survey on customer satisfaction. Results are collated and the top ten global companies are honored with the prize.

Our wafer probing machines have received awards for eight consecutive years, while we have been ranked in top place among Japanese companies and full-auto prober manufacturers in the industry for seven straight years. We will continue to bolster our support systems to guarantee this record is maintained.