Tosei Engineering Corp.

Company Overview

  • Date of establishment: April 15, 1969
  • Headquarters: 4-6 Higashinakanuki-machi, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki
  • President: Katsuhiro Tago
  • Sales: 16,026 million yen (FY2018)
  • Employees: 503 (as of March 31, 2019)
     (Note) Personnel seconded from the Company to other companies are excluded, and personnel seconded from other companies to the Company are included.
  • Operations: 4 plants and 13 service locations in Japan, 11 operations overseas

Business Overview

The company was established in 1969 as a group company of Tokyo Seimitsu responsible for servicing of the products of Tokyo Seimitsu and development and manufacture of automated and labor-saving measuring equipment. Since the establishment, based on the concept that "Things that cannot be measured cannot be manufactured.", we have been committed to accumulating technological expertise through provision of precision measuring instruments to the field of precision processing and servicing of such measuring instruments, thereby developing the business. The company has been exclusively developing and manufacturing automatic measuring instruments for production lines of automobiles, bearings, electric appliances and electronic products. With its precision technology as the foundation, it advanced into the field of semiconductor manufacturing, which is now one of its major business areas.
Going forward, under the motto of "WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS CREATE THE WORLD'S NO.1 PRODUCTS!", we will sustain our business in the fields of automated measuring instruments and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, continually providing the world's No. 1 products and substantial service support to make the next leap.

Initiatives for CSR

As a member of Tokyo Seimitsu Group, Tosei Engineering has the corporate philosophy of "Create the world's No. 1 products by integrating excellent technologies, wisdoms and information around the world to achieve significant growth with partners and customers." By implementing this philosophy, the company seeks to achieve sustainable growth and increase its value. The company has initiated CSR Promotion Group headed by the Board of Directors to implement CSR activities in different fields.

CSR Activity Example

Compliance and Ensuring Communication of Internal Regulations

"To become a company that can gain trust from all stakeholders, Tosei Engineering seeks to enhance corporate governance and compliance, and ensure healthy and transparent management." "Right decision making will achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value in a medium to long term." For the purpose of thoroughly implementing and communicating the "ACCRETECH Code of Conduct" and other internal regulations and rules, we have set up a system enabling employees to always view and check them on the internal network and are making efforts to improve the understanding of employees.

Promote Workstyle Reform for promoting decent work

As well as complying with the Act on the Arrangement of Related Acts to Promote Workstyle Reform for promoting decent work and the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, the company promotes decent work for all employees with no discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, disability, age and employment status.
To enrich work environment, the company has developed various leave systems, such as childcare leave and nursing care leave. As a measure to reduce overtime, employees are encouraged to leave the work on time on a certain day of the week. Thus, efforts are made to improve work-life balance and create a comfortable work environment.

Industrial Health and Safety

The Safety and Health Committee at each office holds a meeting every month. We strive to ensure employees' safety at workplace and to provide comfortable work environment in addition to being compliant with Industrial Safety and Health Act and other laws and regulations. As part of the activities of the committee, the plant is periodically patrolled by committee members to ensure zero industrial accident and implement the "5S3T" activities. In addition, inviting instructors from Ibaraki Prefectural Police, traffic safety seminar is periodically held for all employees of Kandatsu Plant. It is a good opportunity for each and every employee to raise awareness of the importance of safe driving.

Activities for Community Contribution
(Sports Promotion/Home for Protecting Children in Danger)

The company makes its car park available to users of Kandatsu Baseball Ground near Kandatsu Plant every Saturday and Sunday and on holidays. We will continue to collaborate with Tsuchiura City Government and try to cooperate in promoting relaxation and sport for people in the community.
Also, Kandatsu Plant is registered as Home for Protection of Children in Danger (shelter and protection place).
The company will continue to take measures to contribute to the safety of the community.