Relationship with Suppliers

To deepen WIN-WIN relationships with all of our suppliers, we will construct a supply chain that places importance on social responsibility and seek sustainable growth together.

Relationship with stakeholders Theme Initiatives/structures Main outcomes of activities
Strengthening of sustainable supply chain CSR surveys/
Supplier CSR questionnaire 88.7 out of 100 points
Entrenchment of CSR procurement  Workshop for Suppliers 1 time/year
Strengthening of information sharing  Web-based system for suppliers Completion of development
Manufacturer's responsibility CSR training for employees e-learning

Basic Policy on Procurement

In providing high-performance, high-quality products to customers, Tokyo Seimitsu views all suppliers that provide the necessary materials, parts, and services as important partners. To build WIN-WIN relationships with those suppliers, it is vital that we fulfill our social responsibilities throughout the supply chain, in terms of not only safety and quality but also human rights and labor, occupational safety and health, the environment, ethics, and information security, fully complying with laws and social norms. Each supplier, acting autonomously as a responsible business that meets the needs of the international community while collaborating with our Company, engages in high value-added manufacturing within a strong value chain.