CSR Fulfillment Together with Suppliers

Tokyo Seimitsu has declared its conformance with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA: former EICC). To meet the demands of the international community throughout the supply chain, including safety in working environments, worker dignity, and corporate responsibility for environmental impacts, we also ask our suppliers to cooperate in complying with international standards.

Formulation of Supplier CSR Guidelines and Request for Cooperation

To meet the expectations of the RBA and the international community, we have formulated the Tokyo Seimitsu Supplier CSR Guidelines that set out our procurement policy and our supplier guidelines with regard to human rights and labor, occupational safety and health, the environment, ethics, safety and quality, and information security.

We ask that our suppliers understand the purpose of these guidelines and cooperate with us in promoting sustainable procurement activities.


Supplier CSR Survey Activities

Since fiscal year 2016, we have used the "SCM (Supply Chain Management) Check Sheet" to survey suppliers' compliance with CSR. We survey and score suppliers on items in eight main categories: "Legal compliance," "Ethics management," "Environmental management," "Facility and equipment (safety) management," "Labor and employment management," "Biodiversity," "Conflict minerals," and "Business continuity."

The average score of the 166 responding companies was 88.7 points out of 100. Of the scores, 4.8% were in the 70s, 51.2% in the 80s, and 44.0% in the 90s.

By category, the three items with the lowest percentages were "Promotion of women's advancement in labor and employment management," "Biodiversity," and "Business continuity." We work through our Workshop for Suppliers to make improvements in these areas. We confirmed that proper management is being performed in the other five items, and shared this confirmation.

We are also deepening close cooperative relationships with suppliers by means including direct visits to ask about CSR compliance status and areas of difficulties and to discuss support for resolving problems. By doing so, we are promoting collaboration to fulfill our social responsibilities throughout the supply chain.

In the area of environmental consideration, we also use a separate "Environmental Management Structure Survey Sheet" to conduct surveys and request improvements.

Based on the survey results, we identify operations that have an impact on the environment, and request submission of an "Environmental Impact Contractor Register" and "Environmental Conservation Status Survey Sheet."

Mutual Development with Suppliers

Web-based system for suppliers

We are developing a web-based system to share information with suppliers, broadly and without redundancy.

This will address the ever-growing need for information sharing, including supplier CSR questionnaires, notifications of disasters such as earthquakes and heavy rains, surveys of damage conditions, and communication of various notifications.

We will use this system to build a structure for more sustained and active communication with suppliers.

Web-based system for suppliers

Implementation of Supplier Commendation

Once a year, Tokyo Seimitsu conducts commendations for vendors. We commend outstanding suppliers based on evaluations of five items: quality, cost, delivery time, rate of cooperation, and management. The commendations were canceled in fiscal year 2020, as in fiscal year 2019, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

Implementation of Workshops for Suppliers

Every year, Tokyo Seimitsu offers CSR seminars at workshops hosted by suppliers to aid understanding of the importance of fulfilling social responsibilities in the supply chain.

The fiscal year 2020 workshop was held on March 5, in a smaller format under measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

Following the workshop, we shared information by sending materials to suppliers who were unable to participate, and exchanged ideas by e-mail.

Tokyo Seimitsu CSR Seminar

Policy on CSR

Overview of the "SCM Check Sheet"
and Survey Request

Trends in CSR
Results of the Previous Year's "SCM Check Sheet"
Tokyo Seimitsu's CSR Activity Report

Tokyo Seimitsu's CSR Activity Report
Trends in CSR
Initiatives for the Supply Chain
Supplier CSR Guidelines (First Edition)
Overview and request for submission of "Check Report"

Trends in Prohibited Substances in Products in 2020
Sharing of Information on Typhoon Damage in 2019 and Review of BCP
Introduction to Disaster

Overview of Web-based System for Suppliers
Trends in Environmental Laws and Regulations for Products
CSR Questionnaire

Results of Training for Employees

Every year, we conduct e-learning-based education for Procurement Department employees who are in contact with suppliers.

We offer training on topics including ethics, safety and quality, and information security, and check on approaches to suppliers.

Tokyo Seimitsu's employee education themes

  1. Tokyo Seimitsu Code of Conduct
  2. Subcontract Act
  3. Information security
  4. Ethics