Relationship with Society

As we contribute to society through our business activities, we will clarify issues and needs in different regions through dialogues with communities and will advance social contribution activities to resolve these matters, to build a healthy and sustainable society as a corporate citizen.

Relationship with stakeholders Main expectations
and values
Community/System Main outcomes of activities
Hachioji City
(local government)

Coexistence with
local companies
Tokyo Federation of Labor Standards Associations, Hachioji Branch Public Relations Department, regular public relations newsletter published 5 times/year
Fire prevention
Hachioji Firefighting Four-Party Cooperative Member of the Japan Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials, Vice-Chair of the Fire Prevention Management Study Group
conservation activities
Hachioji City Adopt-A-Road Program Cleanup of the rotary on the east side of JR Kita-Hachioji Station: 1 time, 27 participants
Hachioji City
Support for students Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji
Learning the Way of Manufacturing in Hachioji
January 2020 lecture
Tsuchiura City
(local government)
conservation activities 
Tsuchiura City Pollution Control
Submission of pollution control plan
Submission of business plan/implementation report
Eco-partner Agreement Cleanup of Nakanuki Park: 51 times, total 102 participants
Industry group  Prosperity of the
ISO Technical Committee TC213 WG: 2 participants
Japan Precision Measuring Instruments
Manufacturers Association
Chairman: Hitoshi Yoshida, President and CEO, Tokyo Seimitsu