Relationship with Local Communities (Tsuchiura Area)

Based on a fundamental goal of achieving a future "Tsuchiura, a city on the water where people and nature exist and live together," the city of Tsuchiura has set an action policy for specific efforts and is developing actions aimed at environmental conservation and creation.

Tsuchiura City Pollution Control Agreement

Our Company has concluded a pollution control agreement with Tsuchiura City, aimed at the atmospheric environment, water environment, noise and vibration prevention, and the prevention of pollution from business activities. Our Company, located in Kandatsu Industrial Park, has also signed a tripartite agreement that includes the city of Kasumigaura. For the protection of Lake Kasumigaura, too, we will maintain our understanding of the content of the pollution control agreement and will continue taking all possible measures to prevent pollution in line with our Basic Philosophy and Environmental Policy.

Pollution Control Measures

Air pollution preventive measures, water pollution preventive measures, noise preventive measures, odor preventive measures Groundwater depletion preventive measures, waste treatment measures, specially controlled industrial waste (PCB-containing waste), disposal of high-voltage capacitors (PCB-containing items), soil pollution countermeasures, greening measures, measurement and reporting

Location of Lake Kasumigaura and the Tsuchiura Plant

Tokyo Seimitsu Tsuchiura Plant

Tsuchiura Eco-Partner Program (Human Development: A City where Every Person Acts with Consideration of the Environment – Partnership)

Tsuchiura Eco Partner Agreement Concluding Office

In March 2016, the Tsuchiura Plant signed the Tsuchiura Eco-Partner Agreement, which takes a leading role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste in the area around Tsuchiura City. Every April, the plant submits an implementation report that summarizes the activities of the previous fiscal year and an implementation plan for the current fiscal year, which are made available on the Tsuchiura City municipal website. Covered content includes the efficient use of electricity and other energy in business activities, the reduction of garbage from business activities, initiatives to raise awareness of environmental conservation in the local community, and plans and implementation reports concerning environmental education and awareness-raising activities for employees.

Community Beautification Activities

Image of Community Beautification Activities
Community beautification activities

The Tsuchiura Plant joints other companies near Nakanuki Park for weekly cleanups in and around the park. Since 2006, we have also carried out cleanups of
areas around our divisions on our own every Monday. In fiscal year 2020, we did so 51 times with participation by a total of 102 employees. Over the years of these
cleanup activities, awareness has increased among the local community. Streets around the park that had been covered in litter have improved markedly. Despite this, as litter from trucks parked illegally at night and other trash have not disappeared, we will continue our activities to help beautify public parks and improve public manners.

From a Participating Employee

Toshihiro Momo
Toshihiro Momo
General Affairs Section, Tsuchiura Plant,
Metrology Company

Nakanuki Park in Tsuchiura City is a place where parents, children, and senior citizens gather for walks and exercise on weekdays and holidays. As the park is located within an industrial park, many trucks drive nearby and often park on the streets beside the park. Most litter picked up is not from users of the park but from vehicles parked on the streets.

As this is not penalized, the situation has unfortunately been left unchecked. However, since we began the cleanup activity, litter has been decreasing. Even if it will be difficult to reduce the litter to zero, I hope to keep up the activity to reduce litter as much as possible.