Relationship with Local Communities (Hachioji Area)

Joined Tokyo Federation of Labor Standards Associations, Hachioji Branch

Circumstances surrounding labor are undergoing change today as social and economic frameworks transform rapidly. Labor-related laws and regulations are accordingly subject to frequent enactment and amendment. The Hachioji Branch of the Tokyo Federation of Labor Standards Associations, together with the Hachioji Labor Standards Inspection Office and member companies under its jurisdiction, promotes dissemination of the Labor Standards Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act, and industrial accident-related and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as improvement of labor management and occupational accident prevention activities. By doing so, it serves as an organization that strives for the creation of safe, healthy, and comfortable workplaces, the improvement of worker welfare, the enhancement of labor productivity, and the development of a healthy industry.

Our Hachioji Plant, a member company of the Hachioji Branch, belongs to the branch's General Affairs and Public Relations Department, where our plant plays a role in strengthening cooperation among member companies through the release of regular public relations.

Cooperation with the Hachioji Fire Department

The Hachioji Firefighting Four-Party Cooperative conducts regional fire prevention campaigns and other activities in cooperation with the Hachioji Fire Department. The Hachioji Plant General Affairs Department is involved in the administration of regional firefighting as a member of the Japan Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials and as the Vice-Chair of the Fire Prevention Management Study Group.

Hachioji City Adopt-A-Road Program

In this sort of "adoption" program, local residents and private companies carry out beautification activities for roads, parks, or other public facilities, caring for these as if their own children, while receiving tools, materials, and support from the local governments with jurisdiction over the facilities. Since 2004, the Hachioji Plant has implemented such activities into a part of the curriculum for new employee group education every year, focusing on the rotary on the east side of JR Kita-Hachioji Station. Placing priority on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 infection, activities were conducted one time in fiscal year 2020, with 27 participants.

Image of Hachioji City Adopt-A-Road Program

From a Participating Employee

Reia Ootomo
Reia Ootomo
Back-end Process Technology Department, Technology Division, Semiconductor Company

Around Kita-Hachioji Station, where I was in charge of cleanup, I was very disappointed to see so many cigarette butts, empty cans, and other litter. As there are no trash cans around the station, I want people to take their own trash away with them. 

Kita-Hachioji Station is used by many people, including Tokyo Seimitsu employees, local residents, and workers at other companies. I came to see that the Adopt-a-Road activity is very important in making the station an area that everyone can use comfortably.
Through the activity, I was also able to interact with people I had not met from other divisions, which made the time fulfilling for me.

This is my second time taking part in activity.I hope to continue doing so on a regular basis to help create a comfortable environment.

Learning the Way of Manufacturing in Hachioji

Lecture by Hachioji Plant Manager(January 2020)
Lecture by Hachioji Plant Manager(January 2020)

Hachioji City, part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, has many fundamental technologies-related companies with advanced technological capabilities, and companies, research institutes, and universities with outstanding product development capabilities.
The proportion of these is particularly large in the two high technology fields of electronics and devices and electrical machinery.

Every year since fiscal year 2016, the Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji has invited industry leaders from manufacturing and other companies in Hachioji City as lecturers for a special class (Learning the Way of Manufacturing in Hachioji) that communicates to students preparedness for becoming members of society, the appeal of manufacturing and of Hachioji, and other topics. Students attending the class aim to put it to use in future classes, practical training, job hunting, and career design, to achieve their dreams and goals.

Our Company took part in the first class, and again in the fourth class in January 2020. On the theme of "Current Status of State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Supplied from Hachioji to the World," the Tokyo Seimitsu Hachioji Plant Manager drew on smartphones, automobiles, rockets, and other familiar objects to talk about how our semiconductor manufacturing equipment and worldclass precision measuring technologies are used in the manufacture of cutting-edge technology products that move people's lives forward. Attending students expressed surprise at the depths of Tokyo Seimitsu's involvement in the industrial development of Japan.