Relationship with Industry Group

Tokyo Seimitsu is applying its accumulated know-how and information not only to its own business but also to related organizations, for the further prosperity of the industry.

Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ)

SEAJ engages in a wide range of activities that encompass statistical surveys, surveys of industry issues and new technologies, holding seminars and lectures, and promotion of standardization, to promote the sound development of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry and its related industries. We also cooperate with the development of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, with a number of our employees taking part in SEAJ.

ISO Technical Committee

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was formed for the handling of products under common standards and rules to facilitate international trade. The organization has established over 20,000 international standards. Its genrespecific Technical Committees, numbering over 300, set standards for products in their respective genres.

Among the committees relevant to our Company is TC213, which deliberates and establishes standards related to "dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification." Here, rules involving length standards, drawing dimension description methods and measuring instrument specification standards for the methods, inspection methods, and other matters are divided among Working Groups (WGs) and discussed.

Two employees of our Company have been appointed as representative members from Japan. They are currently taking part in WGs for coordinate measuring machine
standards, roundness measuring machine standards, surface texture measuring instrument/filter standards, and measurement uncertainty standards.

The venue for TC213's twice-yearly regular meetings rotates among countries. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, deliberations on new pending standards and on revisions to established standards are taking place online. In deliberations over
roundness measuring machine standards, we lead discussions as the Project Leader for international conferences, and promote international standardization based on proposals from Japan.

The Japan Society for Precision Engineering

The Japan Society for Precision Engineering is an academic society that contributes greatly to the development of industry and to the improvement of production technologies. It holds academic lectures, seminars,
symposiums, and plant tours, and publishes academic journals. Tokyo Seimitsu participates in the Expert Committee for Intelligent Nano-Measurement*1 and the Expert Committee for Convergence Engineering*2, while
also serving as the accounting auditor for the former committee. In fiscal year 2021, as part of the activities of the society, we are taking part in relevant international conference symposium sessions as Co-Chair, and are working toward international exchanges and industryacademia collaboration.

*1Expert Committee for Intelligent Nano-Measurement: An expert committee on technological developments including intelligent data processing, traceability, and standardization.

*2Expert Committee for Convergence Engineering: An expert committee on new design and productive techniques that digitize object information from 3D shape scanning technologies (industrial X-ray CT and 3D surface scanners) and utilize that information in digital engineering systems (CAD, CAM, CAE).

Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Association

The Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Association holds comprehensive exhibitions concerning measurement and all aspects of it, promotes standardization that contributes to the improvement of technology and quality, and holds seminars in collaboration with other organizations, among other activities that contribute greatly to the promotion of Japan's precision measuring instrument industry. We take active part in subcommittees, committees, exhibition management, and so on, making major contributions to the development of the precision measuring instrument industry.

Since fiscal year 2020, Tokyo Seimitsu President and CEO Hitoshi Yoshida has served as the Chair of the industry association. The JIMTOF2020 exhibition, held every other year, was held online in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We participated in the event to contribute to industrial development in this field.

In fiscal year 2021, we are taking part in planning for a seminar to be held by the association at the scheduled Measuring Technology Expo 2021. We also perform editing work for JIS guidebook from the CMM*3 Subcommittee.

*3CMM: Coordinate Measuring Machine, a measuring machine capable of measuring objects in three dimensions.